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chunky wrote:
A Gary Fong flash diffuser.
Totally and completely rubbish.

Wow, that's quite the opposite of many others who swear by it. May I ask why?

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chunky wrote:
A Gary Fong flash diffuser.
Totally and completely rubbish.

If it's that bad i'll give you a fiver for it
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Gorillapod and spitit level !!One I dont trust enough and the other was an impulse buy ,like so many things
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Dangermouse wrote:

I can't fathom the B setting at all though. On my film bodies it's simple - the shutter will remain open for as long as the button is depressed. I have used this pretty extensively while shooting night scenes and infra-red with a cable release, timing exposures with the second hand of a watch when the camera's shutter speeds don't go slow enough.

The K-m only has an IR remote option but try as I might I can't fathom how to make it keep the shutter open. I've tried the suggestion that pressing once opens and again to close (no dice) and obviously tried holding the button down.

Just looked as His Nibs's K-m and don't see B on it, or I'd have tried the remote with it. Is it a menu setting rather than on the top dial? Are you sure it has a B setting even?


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T140 wrote:
chunky wrote:
A Gary Fong flash diffuser.
Totally and completely rubbish.

If it's that bad i'll give you a fiver for it

It fits a NIkon SB800 speedlight, and I found I gor farbetter results bouncing flash and using the supplied diffuser.
Bear in mind that 90% of the weddings we do are in dimly lit castles the lighting can be very tricky.
If you want it then PM me for details and it's yours for £7.50 incl p&p.


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I did use my Gorillapod once, to hang the camera onto a pole. It sagged with the weight of the K10D and I though it was going to fall off. It has its uses for holding a remote flash, though.


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We have a little gorillapod that we use with a compact camera for taking self-timed photos. Fits nicely in the lady love's handbag too. I'm not sure I'd want to trust my K20D to one, even the SLR sized model.

I love my spirit level (assuming that is the same as a spitit level... ) and was very annoyed I had left it at home when I went to Romania last.

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Even with a spitit, sorry spirit level, I still get wonky horizons!

I've resorted to soft ware to level things up!

Cheers, HG

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I bought a Pentax M viewfinder magnifier for my LX as an aid for manual focusing,used it once.Later I found it useful as a mini telescope (2x).
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