Some Early Thoughts on Pentax.


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Many many years ago my first camera was a Pentax Spotmatic. Beautiful camera that worked and worked and if loaded with film would almost certainly give pleasing results today.
Progression through K2's Mx's amd Lx's stopped when I started using Pentax 645n's and when digital came along I jumped on the bandwagon with another manufacturer. Things went well until their top end DSLR Pro Spec bodies started falling apart after about 2.5 years of use (not abuse) a distintly less than helpful member of their customer services team convinced me to vote with my wallet and go to another DSLR manufacturer. But sadly I didn't listen to the advice of fellow pro's and now realise that now matter how robust a camera is 4/3rds sensors
definitely do not have the whoomph to produce 20 x 16 prints of stunning quality.

However at the risk of tempting fate I feel mightily pleased with my return to Pentax via their DSLR range.
We have recently acquired 2 x K5's 2x BG4's 4x Metz flashguns 1 x Pentax 18-135mm WR lens 1 x Sigma 70-300mm lens (used) 1x Kr body & twin lens kit and 1 x Kr body only.
Now come the questions. My wife who is alsomy business partner wanted the Kr's as they are small light and she liked the feel of them. However she has seen advertised Pentax K7's with and without lens kits and seems to think she would like one of these with the twin lens WR kit. Would you see this as a logical progression, she mainly shoots landscapes so noiseless high ISO's are not the issue here.

I am now considering further lens purchases and in the running first off would be the Pentax 55mm. f1.4 DA*

Then perhaps the Pentax 21mm.

Anyone got any thoughts on the above or advice, doesn't have to be Pentax glass.



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Welcome back to Pentax!

I think your wife probably might as well stick with the Kr's if she likes the feel of them, the K7 only brings weather sealing / build quality to the table, and is less forgiving in post-processing, even if you stick to low ISOs.

Don't know about the 55/1.4, it's not a lens I've ever considered. The DA 21mm is a lovely lens though, for 'hobby use'. I presume you're a pro though, so perhaps it would make sense to prioritise a high quality fast zoom, which would be more flexible for 'assigmnents'?
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