Why does everyone rate MPB?


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I have just received a quote from MPB for two current Pentax lenses, both in excellent condition with boxes and original caps etc., for very low prices. For a 28-105mm lens currently new 629 I was offered 225, and for a 50mm f2.8 macro lens currently new 399 I was offered just 100. MPB has neither of these in stock with which to make a comparison but even with their markup I would have expected at least double these. It cannot be just Pentax as earlier in the year I was offered similarly ridiculous price markdowns for a Leica and Lee Filters.

These two lenses have been on eBay for a while at more realistic prices; I am not giving them away but if anyone is interested and would like to make an offer then please take a look.
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I agree, I got a quote from them a few months ago for some Panasonic gear for which they offered "ridiculous price markdowns." I was able to sell privately for a much better price!


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If you want to "put the work in" then you will always get a better price but MBP offer an alternative for those that don't plus they will buy the whole lot in one go if you are changing systems. Ebay sales value is now a lot less since Brexit, I get nowhere near what I used to now Europe has to pay import charges.

Also their business model is based on fast turnover, Pentax, Leica and Panasonic will hang around a lot longer than Sony, Canon and Nikon so I imagine they will be offering a lower valuation due to stuff sometimes sitting in the warehouse for months at a time. Personally I have sold a lot of Canon and Nikon gear to them as the prices were nearly as much as I could get from Ebay without the hassle but other gear I will always list on Ebay myself.

Finally, the price you are asking for the 28-105mm is too high, I have had one on Ebay at 350 for ages and I know I have overvalued that but I'm not sure I want to sell it yet.
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I was offered 115 for my 100mm macro and in the end went the way of SRS commission sale which meant I got much more. Some Pentax gear they weren't interested in at all. Personally don't think it's a sellers market given the speed gear sells on here or the other forum I frequent.
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I've never used them but recently had a look at prices for a new lens I'm contemplating and decided against it. Looking again now on their European site, a "like new" copy of the lens I'm interested in costs around 50 MORE than a brand new one.

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Those prices are probably not much different to many Camera shops - but one thing they have to cover with their mark-ups is the rather "loose" checking of equipment. I bought a few items from them in the early days, but had to return items as clearly faulty - the type of faults that should have shown up on a basic check - if you watch their Pentax items you will sometimes see a fairly uncommon item sell only to be re-advertised with a specific issue a week or so later.

One good thing, from a buyers perspective, is that they photograph the actual item that you get - at least then you can get a reasonable idea of the cosmetic condition (and likely previous owners care). A few retailers still use "Stock Photos" and some don't even bother to photograph the items. I know that distance selling regulations means you can return an item that is not as described but personally I'd prefer not to go through all the hassle of returns.


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Whether MPB is offering a reasonable price can surely only be determined by comparing it to what other businesses (e.g. SRS Microsystems or Ffordes) will offer. SRS Microsystems is usually (and rightly) considered to be an excellent Pentax dealer, but once in a while someone has commented disapprovingly on this forum about how little SRS has offered them for something that they consider to be worth much more.

And of course, don't forget the effect of VAT . A new 600 lens is actually only a 500 lens - 100 of the purchase price is tax. When you make a private sale (e.g. via this forum), you don't need to consider VAT and can agree a price that is a reasonable discount on the 'as new and including VAT' price. However, a business must take VAT into account when buying and selling a used item, even if it is just on their markup rather than total price.

Re the specific offer on the 50mm f2.8 macro, early this year I bought one from a forum member. They were happy to sell it for 140. If that is taken to be the going rate for what an end user will pay for a used lens (and in v. good condition, too), then MPB's offer of 100 implies about 33% margin (+ VAT on the margin). That doesn't seem unreasonable to me.



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Thanks all, some fair points made. I have got reasonable prices for other Pentax lenses recently on eBay so I will have to look again at my minimum offer prices although I always search the site first to see what is being asked for similar items. I suspect MPB may be a good route for less than perfect examples which would be difficult to offload otherwise. I question though why this website has announced an exclusive arrangement with MPB when there is clearly no such thing.


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Buying and Selling photo gear these days...it's a minefield.

Pre-Amazon / Ryanair and their business models, which involve changing prices several times a month to more closely match supply and demand...things were much more predictable. You knew how much something cost new ...and it was likely to stay that price for a while. This made the setting of a price to sell used more straightforward which I would argue overall benefitted both seller and buyer.

These days things are more of a gamble for both buyer and seller.

Potentially you could benefit from a very short duration 'special price' if buying..or miss out altogether and have to decide whether to stump up the full RRP or look at something else...or wait for a few more weeks or months and hope that the 'deal' comes round again.

Of course, every time that the price drops sharply on a new item it automatically affects the used value of that item...we end up with a business environment where prices are yo-yoing pretty much all the time.

The two lenses above being current lenses are good examples:

28-105 mentioned ...new today at 629...on 1st August Park Cameras sold it for 367! In past 30 days Amazon have sold it for 569 and my guess is that in about 3-4 weeks time it will be available at SRS for about 450-475...new with 2 yr warranty.

50 F2.8 macro...399 new today...except at Skears Photographic where it is 347. wait 3 weeks and it may well be on offer at SRS for about 300-325.

Definitely not a good time in my opinion to be looking to sell used examples of currently available new lenses with warranties.


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RobL wrote:
Thanks all, some fair points made. I have got reasonable prices for other Pentax lenses recently on eBay so I will have to look again at my minimum offer prices although I always search the site first to see what is being asked for similar items. .

Don't look at asking prices on eBay, they are usually still there for a reason. I always look back at what they have sold for in the last few months.
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I have commented elsewhere but I had trouble with MPB when they sold me a camera with a part missing. It took ages to get them to send the necessary part and they did not seem to be interested until I persisted with my request. I would not use them again whatever price they quoted/ charged.


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It's not a good time to sell lenses anyway, new or used.

I've got a few unused gems which I would rather move on, but I'd ultimately be giving them away so they are better off left in storage.
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Great customer service, but I purchased two dud lenses from them.


Link Posted 05/11/2022 - 23:51
I used MPB to buy a lens that was described like new
I am happy to report, that is was like new.
It was MPB Germany, but i tried one day to get a quote on on a couple of lenses that i was willing to sell.
Even though the description was honest, No quote but i would ave to send the said lenses to them for evaluation.
Disappointing really considering the hassle, so No i said not willing for that long drawn out process


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Mike-P wrote:

Finally, the price you are asking for the 28-105mm is too high, I have had one on Ebay at 350 for ages and I know I have overvalued that but I'm not sure I want to sell it yet.

Just to add, mine sold last night at 350 and has taken months.

As I said, wasn't sure if I should sell it or not so how about 300 incl postage for yours ?
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