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Link Posted 27/08/2012 - 00:43
Hi All
New to this forum, ex Pentax Film user now got a new K7 , very pleased, just back from 3 weeks in France shot RAW +, now got 3,ooo pics, where do I start with the RAW files for quickist input into a holiday photobook? Do I just put in the best jpegs,will it make much difference at 8x10 ?


Link Posted 27/08/2012 - 10:10
Your jpegs will be at 72ppi and for print, ideally, you will have to resize them to 300ppi. To be honest, for holidays I dont see much point in shooting RAW+. Jpegs from the camera are excellent although RAW will allow you to pull out more shadow detail. The finished print size will make no difference.

I only shoot RAW+ when I need to show a client work on my website: I upload all the jpegs and then only process the RAW files that they actually want.

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My piccies.


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I think you could convert them to .jpg at the beginning to save some space on HDD. Pick your favorite ones for prints. This conversion shouldn't make any loss in quality for small size prints.
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