What's your favourite Pentax DSLR?


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Just a bit of fun on a wet Jubilee Weekend when most of us probably won't be taking many photos due to the rain.

I'm interested to know what is your favourite Pentax DSLR and why? I have K-5, K-x(x3!) plus a K-m and I love them all. K-5 is clearly the best camera, but for VFM, the K-m is my best buy, only cost 150, is in mint condition and takes wonderful images in good light.

Best wishes

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We have K-5 and K20D cameras and I prefer the K20D design, but there are other factors that mean that we mainly use the K-5.

In fact, if all things were equal, performance and WR-wise, I would be using a K-r, which I think is absolutely superb ergonomically.
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Never heard of PETAX


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I prefer the K-5 to the K20D which I had before, but whilst the K-5 is clearly the best camera I have owned, my heart still lies with my lovely little *Ist Ds. RIP.


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DOIK wrote:
Never heard of PETAX

Very funny John, I'm sure you never make typing mistakes!


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All is now well. Title corrected, although I think we knew what you meant!


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johnriley wrote:
All is now well. Title corrected, although I think we knew what you meant!

Thanks John, I can type quite fast but I'm a but prune to maikng mastakes!


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Definitely the K5
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The only Digital SLR I owened and still owe is the Pentax K5.

This makes it my favourite DSLR.

However my all time favourite Pentax is my Super-A fitted with the winder.

Regards, Horst


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I ony have a K-5, my favourite obviously but because it is the quivilent of my Z-1 but built like my LX. My favourite film SLR is the Super-A (either on it's own or with the Motordrive-A).
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I only own the K-x (only used the K-5 once)and have been more than blown away by peoples comments of bird photos "that must be with a 7D" etc. I really think its the best camera I have ever used and will def be holding onto it when i upgrade to the k-5 or k-30.

I also agree with the previous comments on the K-r - a seriously good camera and handles like a dream.

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K10D for me so far

I have the K10D - I am thinking of an upgrade nearer September (birthday time) - BUT after paying the balance on our holiday, buying the new Liverpool kit for my lad plus new trainers for both of us I decided yesterday having already spent more then a K5 would cost I would pop into Cuttys and see if they could tempt me with a deal on a K5 went in no K5

They had a KR and I was surprised how well it handles whilst I love the K10 and was a little worried that a smaller camera would not feel right the KR was a pleasent surprise, felt really solid too

Since then I have managed to stave off the urge to spend money and will wait to hopefully handle the K30, K5 and maybe even a K3 (or whatever it will be) and then make a decision.

Back on topic as such the K10 is a joy to handle - I really like to pick it up and use it so whatever I upgrade to may not end up as favourite
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k10 in studio, kr for candids and video, k10 for outdoorsy stuff...
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K200D for its ergonomics, K-r for it's ease of use, K5 for performance

All great in their own way but - I would have to go with my K100D as it was the camera that got me back in to real photography in a big way having languished in the Canon/ Nikon point and shoot camp for 10 years!

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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Definitely the K-5
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