What's your favourite Pentax DSLR?


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I have had the K10D, K20D, K-7 and presently use the K-5.

The best is by far the K-5, my favourite was the K10D.
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Loved the GX10 for its ergonomics and build quality, but the K5 with its faster auto focus superb ISO capability's and faster frame rate combined with a grip make it superb bit of kit.

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So far had 2 K10d' and 2 K7's. To date far prefer the K10 over the K7. May change soon as I have a K5 on its way so we will wait and see,
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I borrowed a K10 for a while and loved it so decided to come over to Pentax when I finaly had enough money went for the K5 and have fallen in love with it.
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I've only had two, and use the K5 predominantly. However, I am always pleasantly surprised when I occasionally use my K-x. Its a basic dslr. Miles behind the K5 and K-r Hasn't even got focus point verification, etc, etc. Thing is, it takes cracking pictures. If it wasn't so good I would have went back to my Panasonic bridge instead of investing further in Pentax.

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There's no favorite. K100D, K10D and K5 all get used and I love all of them. Only time I will specifically grab the K5 is if low light conditions are to be expected.
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For digital I've only used the K20 which from a handling viewpoint is just right, particularly when matched with a medium-sized zoom (17-70, 55-300 etc) - everything seems to fall to hand nicely. The potentially better image quality and low light performance of the K5 do tempt me, but the K5 doesn't feel as good in the hand and I might wait to see what its replacement is like.
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in rank order

GX10, K-5, Z-1, GX20, K-7, MZ-7.

However all of them have been/are well appreciated. My biggest niggles have been the sensor on the K-7 which was fine in good light, and the slightly difficult menus on the Z-1.
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Only had one thats the K5 I waited till I found a camera that was near on under water proof as in the past I have lost cameras due to fine sand and my sons have live view camera but I like the eye view as the camera close to me and less chance of camera shake.


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I have only experience with one Pentax DSLR, the K20D, it is a wonderful camera.




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I'm just back from Greece with my new K5 that replaced my KR. The K5 is quite superb and vastly more usable. It is heavier than the KR but barely any difference size wise in your hand.

The autofocus, metering and quietness along with the brilliant TAV mode and its tweaks are superb. Very usable up t 3200 ISO.

As with all cameras it'll be down to me to take better photos!


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The K5 is the best camera I've ever owned, film or digital, although back in the 1980s I really loved the MX. I also had a superb ME Super and had use of a Nikon FM2 for work purposes. The FM2 had similar spec to the ME Super but I vastly preferred the Pentax because of its superior ergonomics.
Back to digital: I started with an istDS which I still have but rarely use. Then came the K10D of which I had two until I got the K5.
One K10 went to SRS in part ex, the other is still in regular use alongside the K5.
The K5 has superior noise control and better image quality but the quality of my work from the K10 has certainly improved since I bought the K5.
I think this has more to do with my improving Photoshop skills rather than the respective strengths of the cameras.

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As per Fritzthe dog, K5 for performance..though AF could still be better,but prefer the K20D for ergonomics/bulk. Tony


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I love the K5 (except for the lens release falling off and the wonky level indicator). The K7 was great too, I never had a single problem with it, though it was nowhere near as capable as the K5. The K5/K7 are also the perfect size for my hands. The K5, in spite of the problems, is by far the best camera I've had, though the only other manufacturers DSLR I have tried is the Olympus E-520, which I liked, but it's high ISO performance left a lot to be desired.

I've also had two IR-converted models, the *istDS and the K10D. I didn't like the K10 much, it was too bulky, though it took excellent IR images. The *istDS was a lovely little camera and I really liked it, but I wanted more resolution. I also really liked the Spotmatic I had years ago.

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