What Reason Makes U insist on Pentax's Camera


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Just curious about what reason's let people insist on the same brand product? Inconvenience of changing? Brand quality? Or just habit? To myself, mostly due to the inconvenience and habit. What's yours?


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I bought my K10D secondhand in 2009 and at the time it offered amazing value for money compared to the big two (Sony were only a bit player in 2009). With its Magnesium Alloy body, weather seals, 2.5" screen, SR, full suite of manual controls it was more than i could hope for. Would have been looking at a Canon 400D or Nikon D60, both of which are proper low rent by comparison. And the Sony A100 didn't appeal.
As a result of loving the K10D so much (and the Pentax Me Super before that) i have stayed loyal to the brand. I go out most Sundays with a local photography group, needless to say i am the only Pentax shooter in the group. But my K5 stacks up well against the other cameras brought along. Not going to deny the Canon 5D MkIII is very nice, as is Nikon D800. But most have lowly consumer grade models (D3200, D5100, 600D, 700D etc) and against those the K5 feels and looks like a proper enthusiast camera.
I know quite a few folk have left the Pentax brand due to a lack of FF option but its not a problem for me. Trying to convince someone else in the group to make the switch to Pentax when they upgrade their 450D.


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Originally I chose Pentax as it was weather sealed, was well built and was at a price I could afford. Since that time I have discovered just how well suited Pentax are as photographic tool, making the learning of photography enjoyable and rewarding.

I just like how the cameras are laid out in terms of their interface compared to Nikon, Canon and Sony. I have progressed through the K7 K5 K5lls and now own a K3. I have invested a fair amount of money in Pentax and plan on staying with the brand as long as it meets my needs which it is doing very well.

I while ago I did look at other brands as I was seriously thinking about full frame, but in the end concluded the Pentax provided more of what I wanted and needed.

I can wait for full frame and it will be Pentax. The reason? I can't put my finger on it, but there's just something special about them.
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Ergonomics, I like the way things work. An elegance of design. Quality of manufacture, it's a pleasure to use well made things. With digital, superb JPEG capture that gives me exactly the colour quality I like.

I've tried, and continue to try, them all and Pentax is the one I've chosen to use.
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Grew up with them, My dad owned a LX, both my Grandad's owned early K and M series Pentax which I can just about remember, then when I went to study photography at school and collage I was using Pentax MX and a K1000, I then went of the rails when I left collage and bought a Ricoh XRX and a Ricoh R1 which I still also own.

In the 90's I went the Nikon path with the F801 and F90 but then won a Pentax SFXn, ditched the Nikons and stuck with Pentax as my main camera ever since, trading up to a K110D as my first digital camera in 2006 ish, then a Kr and Kx then to a number of K5's and now currently at the cross roads of owning the K5iis and looking to buy a K3 in the summer.

Don't get me wrong, as I also own other brands of cameras, A Fuji X100 and X-s1 and a Panasonic M43 system, but these are being used less and less and in time may find there way onto eBay.

As for a Pentax FF, yes I suppose I will buy one in the future, having dabbled with FF this last few months, but at the moment I am more then happy with my lot.

If I had one wish though, it's I hope Pentax/Ricoh start to listen to owners more, they start to get their lens pricing in check, and third party lens makers see that people do use and spend quite a bit of money on there kit and so start offering more for Pentax users in there range.


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johnriley wrote:
Ergonomics, I like the way things work. An elegance of design. Quality of manufacture, it's a pleasure to use well made things. With digital, superb JPEG capture that gives me exactly the colour quality I like.

I've tried, and continue to try, them all and Pentax is the one I've chosen to use.

Oh and yes, all of the above John has stated, With the number one reason, the JPEG Quality is outstanding and that I can use my Pentax in the rain........


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My first Pentax was an ME Super and I literally wore it out, moved on to a 645 film camera and loved it but digital was calling. Film was becoming too expensive and Pentax at the time didn't make a digital camera at all so I moved to the dark side througn Nikon and up the ranks of Canon dslrs. I was never happy or comfortable with them and took a leap of faith, bought a K-r and was so immediately happy with it I sold up all the Canon gear.
It's down to the feel of the camera and the intuitiveness of the controls for me, Pentax just 'feels right'.


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What reasons let people insist on the same brand product? Most often it's loyalty. What prompts loyalty to Pentax? Quality and unique, yet great features: most bodies and many lenses are weather sealed, there is an in-body shake reduction system (which, apart from steady stills, also brings horizon levelling, astro-photography and composition adjustment) and best lens support for APS-C photography. Not to mention about Pentax proud heritage and Pentax brand being not as "common" as Canon/Nikon's one


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I agree with JR's analysis of the Pentax brand as ergonomics go. Pentax is the only camera I've experience of that fits the hand like a glove. Holding other cameras just feels awkward and "boxy". If it doesn't "feel" good in the hand, then I'm not interested. Another thing in Pentax's favour is that, whilst the "sheep" will go buy a Nikon or Canon simply because of the high-profile advertising, and/or because they have been recommended those brands by "a friend of a friend", Pentax's relatively low-profile makes me feel a bit "unique" in that respect. The fact that IQ from the Pentax range of cameras is also excellent goes without saying.
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Because they are the best.
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I don't insist on Pentax cameras, I would happily use any make if I thought it would help me with the type of photography I prefer.

I use a 7D purely because it's better than my K-5II for anything that needs decent AF tracking and also when I want to shoot extreme macro (Pentax has nothing remotely similar to the MP-E65mm and I hate faffing about with multiple tubes and suchlike).

When I go out with the intention of taking photos though, 90% of the time I will take the Pentax, even though I have a full compliment of lenses for Canon.
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I got into Pentax a few years ago, when I wanted to upgrade from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR. At that time, PC World had them on their display stands and, as soon as I picked one up, the Pentax seemed to be much better quality by comparison with the other models at a similar price, which felt more like plastic toys. I have stayed with Pentax, as I have discovered for myself all the good reasons that others have stated above. Oh, and has anyone mentioned yet those wonderful DA prime lenses that easily fit in a pocket?



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I started with a non-Pentax ME Super clone (Miranda MS2-Super) with a K mount, then progressed to a Super-A. Because Pentax kept the same mount & flash (Canon changed their mount, Minolta their hotshoe), I bought an SFXn then a Z-1 (HyperProgram & HyperManual were simply awesome then!).

I then decided I needed a change and bought an EOS 5, grip & 28-135 IS lens as a new, fresh start. This was a very expensive, supposedly awesome combination (eye-control AF, the only EOS capable of 5fps without a booster battery). Compared to the Z-1 it was awful to use, plasticy and felt hollow. The lens was huge, heavy and slow (and the IS soon broke), repaired under warranty and then swapped for a plastic 50/1.8 which felt much better. Then the camera broke - it's in a cupboard somewhere I think.

I carried on shooting the Z-1 until going digital with an EI-2000 (hybrid) before concentrating on medium format film for a while. Then in 2012 I went shopping for a mirrorless CSC and horified by the cost of an optional (and horrid) EVF, stumbled on first a Kx then K-5 on display. I picked up the K-5, it felt the same as my Z-1 but better built, I understood it immediately, it took all my old lenses (still) and simply made sense.

To summaraise: lens mount continuity, ergonomics/handling and 'Hyper' exposure modes.
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I went to LCE in Plymouth looking for a Canon 400D but he said try this, and gave me a K10D. The Pentax was leagues ahead in specification and build quality and when I discovered it would take my old lenses, that was that.
I ordered the 16-45 and fishy to go with it and have never looked back.
The K5IIs and limiteds or DA* lenses leaves me with absolutely no excuses; the limitation now is definitely me.
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I am in the same position as Mike, I have the D3 for the occasions where I want fast and accurate AF; SDM and HSM for PK-AF is rather ponderous in comparison.

I am always asked why do I want Pentax if I already have the D3. After all, getting a D300 or D7100 would save me a lot of money etc etc.

Simply, Pentax has a MOJO, my K-5 and Z-1p/Z-1 I enjoy using, you would have to prise the DA*, FA* and Limited lenses out of my cold dead hands. they are a joy to use. Whereas the D3 is an exemplary tool you just cannot form an emotional bond with it

Next month I go to Carnevale in Venice, the D3 stays at home
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