What Reason Makes U insist on Pentax's Camera


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Lenses. I had them from film cameras so it seemed logical to try Pentax DSLR's. Then I got tired of average birds in flight shots, so started to wonder if it was me or the Pentax kit. Decided I couldn't change me so added a Canon 30D and the sigma 100-300 F4 HSM. Found out it wasn't me! but felt the Canon/Sigma lenses were just too big for me to carry on a regular basis. So back to pentax with my trusty FA*300 4.5 (nice and compact/light for it's reach) and 1.7x AFA. Now happy'ish with my Kr and K30. Still I'm not brand loyal and would jump in a heartbeat if I felt another system better matched my needs.....


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I had an ME in the late 70s and I loved the feel of it and the build quality was superb, but in the mid 80s work (and other interests) took priority and I stopped taking photographs.

When I decided to get back into it, I had a look at Pentax because I had lenses that I knew would fit. The reviews were all positive about the IQ, but as soon as I picked one up - I knew, it just felt right. A few weeks later a friend brought a Nikon (in the same price range)and I couldn't believe the difference in feel - one felt cheap, plasticy and lightweight, the other felt well built, solid and quality. No prizes for guessing which was which.

I've had no cause to regret my decision, and because I don't need (or want) FF, or fast AF tracking, I can't see me switching.

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Currently the one that ticked my current boxes, now I have been playing and realising what floats my boat as such, may well switch at the next upgrade in a couple of years assuming technique and skills improve enough to justify.
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I've used everything in just about every format except, for some reason Canon, Makina, Alpa or Leaf, I just prefer Pentax.

Ergonomics and the look of the pictures.

When people ask me to recommend a camera I always tell them to buy the one they feel most comfortable with.
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I couldn't afford the Gold Plated Leica I really wanted

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I don't insist on Pentax and if I was starting from scratch it'd be a hard choice between Pentax or Fuji X for me (quality of images I got from the X100 was outstanding).

In terms of handling and overall feel, the best dSLR I ever owned was the Olympus E-1 - which also happened to churn out some of the best JPEGs I've ever seen, as long as you kept it below ISO400. However, I was never taken with subsequent Olympus Four Thirds bodies (although I think Pentax could learn a thing or three from the Zuiko zoom lenses - perhaps the best digital zoom lenses made by any manufacturer; shame they were married with a so-so sensor). And although the E-1 is as good as it ever was, it's a digital dinosaur now

The K-7 was the body which made me dump the E-1, and was in many ways what I think Olympus should have done with their higher end Four Thirds cameras. Instead they built the ridiculously bulky E-3/5 and then moved all of their effort into mirrorless in any case. The handling and intuitive controls of the Pentax bodies is excellent, and as I now know where everything is, the camera doesn't get in the way of the photography. I tried to love the OM-D, but failed miserably - the horrendous menu system and cramped controls just got in the way regardless of how good the actual image quality was (very very good). With the Pentax, weather sealing, a good viewfinder and quiet shutter all add positively to the mix too. And the quality of images I get from the K-5iiS is superb.

As for lenses, I love the Pentax primes (and most of my lenses are old MF ones so I'm ready for FF ) but I don't have great love for the zooms, which aside from weather sealing (a great addition to the more affordable lenses) are not obviously better than the competition as far as I'm concerned. But they are more than "good enough" and I find myself using the 18-135 and being happy with the results far more than some of the professional test sites would imply I should.

I'm now in the position where I own two cameras (K-5iiS and MX-1) which cover my needs very well, both offer excellent image quality in their class, and which share good build quality and an easy to navigate menu system which means that switching to another brand (or indeed another body) will only be considered if there are really big gains to justify the bother - I'm not seeing that being terribly likely in the near future.




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Yes, ergonomics (nothing feels like a K10), backwards compatability (no other make comes close: we use our old lenses on cameras, not as paper-weights) and buid quality. The top Canons and Nikons are excellent but all Pentaxes from entry level up are built to last, using quality materials.

I'm sure that if camera shops stocked a full range from all makes, they would sell lots of Pentaxes because in direct comparison with other makes, the least expensive models are so well specified and so lovely to hold. Well, not that funny Australian designed mirrorless anomaly, obviously.
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I don't insist on a Pentax either. But I have a stack of lenses for Pentax, and no money to start over. I like the ergonomics of Pentax, the general quality of Pentax.
However if I had the money, and something came along that suited me better from someone else, I'd swap.


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Brand loyalty & I like to stick up for the underdog. I started with a Spotmatic then added an SP1000 - those were the days you needed a couple of bodies, one for colour & another for B&W.
Moved to digital when the *istD was introduced followed by a K-7 & now a K-5.
Now I have several lenses, well probably a box full really. & I would hate to have to acquire all those lenses for another mount. Speaking of which, it concerns me that the K mount will probably die before I die.


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I don't insist on any brand. I had a pentax SLR back in the 1980s and when I get back into photography a few years ago it was natural to get a Pentax model, becuase I was happy with Pentax back then and I could still use my old lenses.

For pretty much every aspect I have no complaints with Pentax cameras, the backwards compatibility with the lenses is superb, and apart from a want of an ever increasing High ISO performance and better AF I've no real complaints about my current K-5's.

I didn't always feel this way, but I'm beginning to show some interest in FF, especially after seeing what the Pentax LTDs can do on the Sony A7. I can't pin it down, but there's something about modern FF sensors that simply looks better ( I've seen this on the D800 as well ). My shooting buddy still uses an old Canon 5D MKII, and while that's FF it's never got me FF salivating. the modern FF's have.

So...... I think my next Pentax yearn will be it's FF model.

If I could start over, I think I'd still stick with Pentax
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I've never thought of brand loyalty regarding my cameras over the years - I think it's been more practicality and affordability that's driven my purchases. JonSchick's comments above are similar to mine. I purchased an Olympus E-410 as it just felt easy to hold and control. I bought a couple of extra lenses and so I'd bought into a system. I wanted in-body stabilisation so moved to the E-600 and then the E-3 for it's weather sealing and build. Eventually I found it too big but the successor - the OM-D is too small and the control buttons are very difficult to manage for my fingers. I've now got a K-30 because it felt just right in my hands.
My biggest worry is when I'm next changing camera that there will be none available with OVFs rather than EVFs - I'm not interested in a camera with only rear screen display. I think I've shop tried virtually every brand with an EVF and I do not like them. To my eye they are completely unnatural and the lag when panning is very distracting.


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When I first started with photography I had several Pentax SLRs in 35mm. After a longish break I decided to get back in with one of these new fangled digital SLRs. I settled on a K200D because I liked the Pentax brand, but mainly because it seemed to be the best bang for the bucks and with excellent backwards compatibility. Since then I have acquired an ist DS for fun, a K20D which I wont get a good enough return on to sell it, and now a K5. A fine assortment of lens, and other bits and pieces because I'm a gadget junkie.


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My dad shoots Pentax so when I wanted an SLR for my 18th birthday the MZ7 was an obvious choice. I built up my own lens collection around the K mount and later my sister, uncles and father in law joined the Pentax fold. With so many compatible accessories and lenses around to borrow, no other brand makes sense. Lucky Pentax cameras suit my style really!
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I started in 1970 with my first Spotmatic. At the same time I had abunch of Leica equipment.
But the Spotmatic was my first SLR. It had a 55mm f1.8 super Takumar lens.

I found the SLR just fantastic. Through the lens metering, No worries about filter factors, or using extension tubes. I was hooked. I bought a stack of accessories and kept it spotless. I then bought a second used Spotmatic with a 50mm f1.4 lens. This I used for dragging around in the rough when doing some hill climbing and when it didn't matter that it did get a bump or two.
I used them until I bought my first Super-A with a 28-80mm SMC-A lens and then a second with 50mm 1.4 lens and then another one. I loved this cameras.
In the mean time I bought secondhand MX, K2, and a few other Pentaxes,
But I felt never happy with them. I flogged them again. But kept my Super-A's. Then came the Digital era and it started to get hard to get good prints made. I bought a couple of those small Pentax cameras, but found they where crap. I then got a Canon Powershot, which pooped all over the Pentaxes. I think the Pentax lenses in those cameras where not up to scratch
However, I lost interest in photography, until I bought a K5. This made all the difference. My interest came back and I had fun again photographing. So much, that I always wanted a Pentax in the car beside me. but the K5 with the various lenses was to valuable to me to leave unsupervised in the car, so I bought a X_5. A great second camera. It is light and has a super zooming range. It stays in my car, ready for any motive I find.
I don't think i will ever buy another brand, I've given the little Canon Powershot to one of my grandchildren (8 Years old). She uses it now and makes very fine pictures with it
Now I am waiting for a Pentax FF. I am 70 now and hopefully have another 30 years or so and maybe see a FF by then.

Regards, Horst

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My first SLR was a P30 (still got it, metal bodied) and I've stuck with what I know. I did flirt briefly with another well known DSLR manufacturer before taking a K5, but it just didn't feel right in the grasp.

I often go out on shoots with owners of other well known brands and they all take the mickey, until they see the shots it produces...

Oh, penalty round for the person who started this thread - since when did a Pentax group sink to using "U" instead of "you"?
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