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Link Posted 13/07/2009 - 21:03
I own an Agfa, a Canon QL, Pentax ME ,K10D and a Nikon Cool Pix. I have my preidices about each brand. I see Canon as a camera good for sports, Nikon for portrait use. I had a hard time with Pentax till last night. I see Pentax as the camera for nauture/landscape use. The reason for this, is that I take my camera out in the rain all the time. I have no opinion on Olympus yet. I see Sony as a company which makes Tele's not cameras. I chose Pentax as my primary camera because I used Pentax the most and when I converted to digital, it only seemed logical since I have had no problems with pentax and know a Photographer who would not be alive today if it were not for his Pentax K-1000 saving his life.
B. R. Foster


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Interesting, but I would tend to choose a system, not a different make for every purpose....

Surely you would just choose the appropriate lenses/accessories for a particular purpose?
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Strange to make a list for different uses for different cameras.

Like John, I would say to get different lenses for different jobs.
I don't think I have ever come across a list like that before.
I think that Sony makes some fantastic cameras especially the top of the range ones.
As for Canon and Nikon, well I am sure their users won't appreciate their equipment being branded for one use only.
Why is it that only a Pentax can be used out in the rain?

No idea what you mean by the statement regarding the K-1000 saving someones life.

There must be more to your comments as I am totally confused



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Not sure I see a lot of point in this but here is how I see it

Nikon - press
Canon - press
Sony - maker of most of the pro broadcast equipment on the planet

I've used cameras in the rain for years and never had any problems, I once saw someone who used his Leica on a beach rinsing it out with fresh water! So I'm a little sceptical about Pentax weather profing, perhaps its like a burglar alarm - reassuring to have but hope its never needed.

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Interesting as John says and I am most curious with regard to life saving, if not to personal, appreciate you expanding on that one. I unfortunately do not agree with your comment, however well intended, one camera for this and one for that, no sorry. Choosing a lens for this and a lens for that,Yes. Like many members here, I also have an array of different cameras collected over the years, but I could not and would not categorise them in such a manner.
Not everything in life is Black & White, If only it were!
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Actually, with specialist lenses (think fast long zooms, the Canon 60mm 5x macro, tilt/shift designs, etc) costing more than the bodies I've often thought that if I were a rich man I'd just buy the lenses I wanted irregardless of manufacturer and then stick a compatible body on each one. Makes good sense to me.
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Canon - Press (Sports based)
Nikon - Press (Other), General Photography
Fuji (Nikon Mount) - Portrait
Hasselblad - Studio
Leica - Street
Sony - For the kind of people who think a good camera is big and has a high mp count.
Olympus+Pentax - Amateur, slowly edging towards outdoor niche
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I was not refering to lenses, using the right lens goes without saying. The question was refering to the ethos of how we view cetrain brands and how marketing affects us in relation to personal experiences.
B. R. Foster
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