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been asked to do a wedding in september any suggestions on the lens i should use


Link Posted 05/02/2016 - 19:06
I did a wedding last year and used a DA*16-50mm and Sigma 70-200mm, I ended up using the 16-50mm for most of the shots.


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I would use the lens that's attached to your camera.


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You don't need a mass of lenses.

The last one I shot I used the 18-135mm for most shots, plus the 12-24mm for some wide angle ones and the 10-17mm for some special effects shots in the evening. The 43mm f/1.9 Limited lens also had an airing.

I could have managed with just the 18-135mm if that was all I had. So any standard zoom will be fine.
Best regards, John


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I no longer use Pentax gear and have not been back to this site for ages, but today i just thought i would check in with Pentax User and have a read and look for old times sake and came across you post.

My suggestions would be: Apart from the lens selection, check out the venues, it will give you an idea of where you may want to photograph from and the types of lighting and backgrounds you may encounter. Just remember the light will be different from now, indoors or outdoors than in September.

If you have or can borrow a 16mm to 50mm and a 50mm to 135mm you will have the bread and butter of wedding focal lengths covered for APS-C cameras.

What I do now is try and arrange an engagment shoot prior to the wedding, that way the couple get used to being photographed and you can practice a few ideas. SLR Lounge have a few Youtube videos with some great simple posses like the V up which will really make your images of the couple look great with very simple instruction. You do't need a load of lenses, just a few thought out ideas and plans which will make the experience stress free and enjoyable and provide you with some good images.

Everyone has to start somewhere, I have been there myself.


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