Voigtlander Nokton 58mm/F1.4 SL II fit Pentax PK


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First post so please be gentle. I'm thinking of this lens for general portrait etc. It is no longer in production but it does seem to be available new on Ebay.

Does anyone have any experience of buying this from the top few results in Ebay search? Normally I wouldn't bother with Ebay because of problems I've had in the past but this lens doesn't seem to be available anywhere else.

Thanks in advance.


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doodlebug wrote:
First post so please be gentle.....

Welcome ! This is Pentax, we only do gentle
Of course you do get the occasional idiot replies like this one that don't address the question

K-1 K-01 Q-7
some len

Close to the Edge
Down by the River


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Voigtlander lenses have a good reputation but are no loonger of German pedigree as they were in the 1950s and 1960s. They are made by Cosina now, who bought the right to use the name. However, they are still good lenses.

Rather easier to find, I would suggest the SMC Pentax-DA 70mm f2.4 Limited as an alternative for portraits. Classy, superb lens that is compact as well.
Best regards, John


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I have one.

It's a gorgeous lens and a different animal from the run of the mill lens. Its more akin to the 55mm F1.4 pentax (and probably the SMC, M, A 50mm lenses too) than the 70mm. The 70mm has a teeny tiny focus ring and is not really suited to manual operation and it lacks the wider aperture.

Being manual focus and having an aperture ring means it can be used on all your old film bodies, unlike the 70mm or the 55mm F1.4 SDM! So you can pick up a MZ-7 and do a bit of colour slide film etc ...

The 58mm translates as close to 87mm in old money, near enough to the 85mm sweet spot for portraits if you can't afford a studio for a 135mm lens .

Manual focus with a smooth creamy focus ring that is a delight. it has A aperture setting and will meter with all suitable Pentax bodies. e.g. You can use the aperture from the camera body with a Z-1.

It is beautifully engineered and sits well on the front of the K-7 and K-5. Perfectly proportioned I might hazard. It has an attractive metal hood (optional) and a crappy plastic lens cap. Take the lens cap off straight away and keep the lens hood on. With a soft cloth over the front and in a bag no harm will come to the lens.

Reviews on photozone and pentax forums, group on flikr.

As the reviews point out, bokeh can be a little busy especially with grass and complicated things. It is soft wide open. Shooting against the light and with high contrast images you can get a bit of fringing/aberration.

However, stop it down and choose the right subject and it is fabulous. Excellent value for money and right up there in quality. I haven't done my own comparison with pentax glass but I doubt anything but Ziess would be better.

The photozone review is on a Nikon body but hold true for Pentax too..

It's soft wide open but sharpens up as you decrease the aperture size.

I bought it from Robert White (roughly two year ago?). And since then I think I have seen about 3 second hand ones.

Like all ebay purchases you are at risk of very little now (please check). The buyer protection should be good so that if you don't receive it you get refunded. The only negatives I can think would be the retail protection, warranty, tax and duty?

Since you can only get them 2nd hand now you have to suffer these risks anyway.

I carry three lenses about with me all the time, one on the camera and two options (in the small bag). Tamron 17-50mm, Sigma 10-20 and Nokton 58mm.
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f2.5 1/400s ISO1600 (K-7!!!!)



all hand held except the macro

And with a +5 achromatic close up filter and 32mm tube (almost 1:1 macro) f8 1/8s

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Doug has said it all. I love Voigtlander and Zeiss lenses and if you want MF, a top quality built lens(they look gorgeous - some of the best looking lenses out there) and wonderful IQ then these are the brands to look for (plus Leica of course).

Cosina (Japanese) : don't be fooled by the name. Not only do they have their own brand lenses but as John said they own the brand name Voigtlander ... and also manufacture some lenses for Zeiss and other brands. So that gives you an idea of what superb quality they can produce. I have 2 Cosinas, 3 Zeiss and 1 (soon to be 2) VLs and wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of them.
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Thanks for your help everyone.

Superb pictures too, Doug.


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Doug - have you any portraits shot with this lens? I'm thinking I'll get it anyway but I just like looking at your pics.


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errr, not as many as I want, I bought the lens to encourage my portraiture but haven't done as much as I should . Flattery will get you anywhere. I've been trying to get to grips with a tablet editing this with CS5 but I prefer older dare I simpler editors on PCs. I must try harder.

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Just for an idea if you can't imagine it on the camera. I'm sorry I spent a couple of minutes with another camera brand but I got as many Pentax logos in to distract from the EXIF data.

and without the hood ... meh!

I prefer it with the hood. I don't think it would win a beauty contest but I think it has a certain angular charm and it is pretty well proportioned for the K-5/K-7 body. It doesn't scare the horses.
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The OP asked for an example portrait. Here's one shot recently with the lovely Voigtlander 58/1.4 on a Samsung GX20.

ISO 100, f4, 1/180s, handheld.

Bought mine second hand on eBay.
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