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Today I completed my triptych of a solitary oak tree a short walk from my house and taken over three seasons. This started with the winter shot, taken from an angle to isolate the tree, and after which I thought it would be interesting to take the same photo in summer and autumn which turned out to be more work than expected. The summer shot had to be timed to catch sunlight on the tree so after three visits I found the best time was early morning with the sun high enough to clear nearby trees but not so late that it put the whole tree in shadow. And to cap it all a huge bed of nettles had sprung up where previously I had stood! In autumn the tree leaves stubbornly refused to change colour whilst all around others were changing so I had to keep checking as well as wait for the best conditions, i.e. minimal wind and bright, slightly diffused sunlight. Well today I woke to a clear still morning so grabbed my gear and rushed to the spot which is a much longer to walk as the direct footpath had been blocked; by the time I got there the sky had turned cloudy so waited for brief intervals when the sun broke through and I snapped away. After a while the sky was just a grey blanket of cloud so although I wasn't sure I had what I wanted I packed up and started home, but by the time I was half way the sky had completely cleared again! Cursing the fickle photography gods I hesitated then returned for a couple more in stronger light.

So here is the set, all taken with a K1 with a 15-30mm lens at 19-21mm and f14 on a tripod. For the autumn one I used an SW150 polarizer and in winter pixel-shift:

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....and this just shows that there are some things really worth putting the effort into

I would be very pleased with myself if I'd taken these, I wouldn't hesitate to print and mount them next to each each other

Super work Rob


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Thanks very much LennyBloke, it was when my daughter saw the winter oak and asked for a print that the idea came, hence no spring photo to complete the four seasons. Lugging the 15-30 together with the SW150 filter set had me thinking enviously of your 21mm Limited!


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Oh, man, these are superb! All three are outstanding and then some, but it's the third, the winter tree, that appeals the most.
Be well, stay well.


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Urbanmeister wrote:
Oh, man, these are superb! All three are outstanding and then some, but it's the third, the winter tree, that appeals the most.

agree with Urban ,the third photo is isolation perfect for all sorts of reasons. liked


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Talk about playing the long game. It was well worth the effort though.


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I like these (this ) a lot, and the last one is the winner for me, but they have to live together as a triptych.

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Mounted in one frame, one above the other, these would make a stunning addition to any wall.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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The results from a dedicated, skilled photographer. Excellent work.

Best regards


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Three excellent and interesting photos, as others have said you should mount them in a frame, I would go side-by-side rather than vertical.

Kind Regards

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These three excellent photographs demonstrate the best attributes of obsessiveness, something I think is hugely underrated. Thank you for sharing.


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A beautiful study of a magnificent tree. Can't fault it. The set definitely deserves to be big and on a wall.

Does it need a spring photo? Can't make my mind up. No doubt your continuing enthusiasm (or lack of...) for fighting weather, nettles etc. will ultimately decide .



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Thanks all for your amazing comments, I feel quite humbled. Lubbyman, it is a pity I hadnít thought of this in time for a spring photo so I might just do one next year; however I would far rather it had been in the right sequence all in the same year.


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These are lovely.
Well done indeed!

The more I look, the more there is to see!


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First class photography!
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