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Hi, I am writing this to show how contrary to the trouble some of you had with Pentax (Rico) in England it can be done by the Australian sole Pentax Agent C.R.Kennedy in Melbourne.
I owe a Pentax K5 and a k5IIs.
The K5IIs suddenly developed a fault: The autofocus was badly hunting. It finally locked in, but despite the green light showing in focus, the image was not sharp at all.
I contacted C.R. Kennedy and "wait for it": A live person answered the phone. She transferred me to the service department. The manager told me, that it would take approx. 1 week before I could receive a Quotation for the repair.
Last Monday, I posted the camera to Kennedy. it arrived next day. Today exactly one week later I received a phone call to tell me the camera was ready to be picked up.

The cost for the repair was: Nil, no cost, nothing, zilch.

I then picked the camera up and they told me at the service department, that a small piece of plastic was covering the focussing part of the sensor. They showed me the piece of clear plastic. It must have happened during a lens change.
The camera works perfectly again. The camera was not under warrantee.
The personnel of C.R.Kennedy was extremely helpful and courteous. They listen to my problem patiently.
I had dealings with the company since my first Spotmatic in 1970 . Nothing has changed, They where extremely helpful then as now.

Contrary some dealings I had with Canon. Canon has a big places in Sydney and Melbourne.
I changed my Computer operating system and needed to reload the software for my Canon photo scanner.
However I could not find the installation disk.
I telephoned Cannon, or so I thought. The call went to a call centre in the Philippines. The operator hardly spoke or understood any english. Nothing I asked made any sense to the operator. Finally I hung up.

After about another 5 tries I asked how to contact Canon in Australia directly. I was tod that there is no way that this could be done.
After I requested to speak to the supervisor, I was told that somebody from Sydney would contact me.
This did really happen. The person from Canon Sydney understood my request and transferred me to a person who then helped me to my satisfaction. I was told, That it was not normal that I could talk with anybody direct at Canon. everything had to go through the Philippines call centre. no matter if they spoke english or not.
The whole episode took 2 days before I received the help I required

Now I know, that I never ever will buy another Canon product.

When it comes to cameras, I will stick 100% with Pentax

Regards, Horst


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That is the kind of service everyone hopes for; real people doing a proper job. Very happy for you.
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I too can vouch for CRK. Especially Corey.
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Nice to know there is reputable service fairly close to me

To be fair this sounds like an excellent independent service agent, rather than Ricoh or Pentax themselves, if you want to compare to Canon?


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CRK have been the Pentax importer and distro for many many years in Australia. They have been around since 1934 is CR Kennedy.

Also based in Auckland, Richard.


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Many thanks Steve. Cheers.


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Amazing that CRK is the first and oldest international distributor of Pentax, beginning in 1954.
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