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Our camera club has monthly assignment outings. Among members Canon then Nikon are the most common cameras. Talk over coffee and lunch is usually about the pictures we are getting not who has the latest model. Inter brand rivalry is always good natured and if anyone has something new the interest across the board is genuine. We all show respect for each other's gear, regardless of the name on the front of the camera.



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If we are outside working. We can talk about weather sealing... But if its dry I wouldn't mention off camera flash control.... All brands have there pluses and minuses... We should concentrate on image making...
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Move to Australia and you don't have much worries about weather sealing.

The dust is more a problem.

You can even use a Nikon or Canon without problems.

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giofi wrote:
ChrisA wrote:
I thought the D7100 was weather sealed?

According to Nikon it has the same level of weather sealing as the d800.

To be fair, it was not so long time ago that we had a thread about a Pentax camera damaged by water and Pentax refusing to repair it. And we discussing about the meaning of weather sealing....

But we never got to the bottom of that, not confirmed whether there was water damage only OPs admission about use in the rain. That thread was basically document the lack of service from the seller
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There are a couple of equipment snobs in our local club. They used to take the Mickey out of anything which wasn't Canikony. I seldom rose to the bait, but occasionally stood my ground. Over the years, when asked (challenged) I have often sung the praises of my various Pentax cameras, only to be subject to ridicule, albeit good-natured

Funny thing is tho', as my experience and skills have grown, now when we have a club competition and my images are "rated" (as they often now are), there can oft be heard mutterings of "bloody Pentax", to which a wee anonymous voice usually responds "Nah - good photographer"
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