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I have bought 5 different sizes of Polarizing filters.
They are of the circular kind.

From what I read, the digital cameras need circular types. I have a K5, so they should do the trick.

The question is, when I want to use Polarizing filters on my Film Cameras. ( I still use them sometimes), Can I use this filters, or do I have to buy straight types?

I am sure lots of you guys know the answer, so please let me know.

Kind regards, Horst


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From memory, I believe the Pentax metering sensors required Circular. Other brands - linear or Circular.

If you have a camera without metering then either - just allow for it when you use a stand alone meter or estimate the exposure.


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The circular ones will be fine. Personally, I prefer the linear ones, they seem to have more effect, although I've never tested that to see if it is true or just a false impression. K.
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Thanks for the explanations. looks like I worried to much.

I'll just use them on both types of camera.

Regards, Horst
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