The ten quid lens thread.


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Well done Tom - and welcome to you from Wirral.

K20D,*istD ( now a dedicated M42 digital ),K100D,MZ5N,P50,ME Super,Spotmatic 1000,Spotmatic,ESII,ES,H2.18-55 II,18-55,75-300 FAJ,35-80 FA,80-200 F,28-105 FA,Sigma 24-70 AF Aspherical,Sigma 28-300 Hyperzoom , Praotor II 500 M42,Centon 500mm mirror,and a few Pentax M42 Taks,super-Taks,smc Taks,A and M lenses.Benbo trekker,7dayshop monopod and a Lowepro rucksack.

I am now on Flickr which is nice !


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I think my best buy was a Zenit E camera, case and a 35mm f2.4 Flektagon on the front for a pound!

The other good one was a Pentax-A 135 f2.8. I was in a charity shop and someone else spotted this lens and was going to buy it but he noticed that the aperture blades were floating around inside. The lady in the shop said she would throw it out, did I want it for 1. I decided it was worth that for the caps and took it home.
Some time later I got around to taking it apart. Several hours later I had it back together and the aperture working fine. It would even focus correctly!

If anyone wants a Zenit E for the postage just let me know, there are several to chose from!


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Pentax SMC A 50mm F2 with caps 9 in Oxfam
K5, DAL18-55,SMC 50mm f2,DA 55-300, SCM F 35-70 and all the help I can get.


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I went into the camera shop to buy a second hand cap and they wanted a fiver for it. Most expensive cap to lens ratio ever

It's a great portrait lens that 50mm 1.7, really enjoying it. Manual focus makes you really get the shots right before taking them. I've found that if the composition isn't any good then I'm unable to bother to focus and move on instead of filling up my SD card with rubbish.

That said, I really need to get better at quick focusing.

Cheers for the welcome btw!
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