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Can anyone recommend a camera for tethering to either a laptop, PC, both win10 or win 7 pro or iPad whaterever system that uses? Hopefully a Pentax but not to concerned about brand as once set up it will only be used for that purpose. Cameras I have are K-3 and K-70.



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A K1 tethers to an android tablet with Image Sync,

I believe you can tether to LR with a usb cable with anything from a K5 upwards, not tried it thou


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Stan, you haven't said if you want Live View on the PC or not.

Earlier Pentax cameras had a tether program that let you adjust the camera settings via the cable that came with the camera. You had to take a test shot to see what you were photographing.

I think PKTether lets you do the same thing with more of the Pentax range.

From.... http://www.pktether.com/

supported models include: Pentax k-x, K7, K5, k-r, K20D, K10D, K200

"PK_Tether allows connecting and controlling Pentax cameras from the PC. The list of currently supported models include: Pentax k-x, K7, K5, k-r, K20D, K10D, K200. In the program, it is possible to:

set camera parameters like: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, image format and others
remote release shutter
save photos directly on computers hard drive
periodically release shooter for time-lapse photography"

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Also, is the tethering just to transfer images right away or to act as a remote control?
Image Sync is available for both Android and iPad etc. but not PC. Given Image sync is a free download it's worth trying first however I find it doesn't transfer the live view image as intended though the remote control button function works.
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Thanks for all the info. What I'm wanting is to see a bigger image than the Live view on the camera. Remote control would be nice but not essential as I would be triggering the camera with the 2s timer set. Looked at the PK tether cable briefly but as it's cheap might just send for one



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This video gives an idea of how Image Sync works on an iPhone, the iPad will be similar.
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If you are simply after a bigger image then wouldn't a field monitor connected via hdmi be the simple solution?

Something like that
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At home I always use an Eye-Fi Card, especially for the first shots to check focus, WB and exposure. By the time I walk to the computer which is in another room the JPG has transferred. I also have a Wi-Fi Extender which reaches into the garden if needed.

It takes 10sec to transmit a 10MB Jpeg.

The only time I tried tethering I had to use a laptop (which i hate using) a few feet from the camera and there was always the danger that I might pull it over.

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Image Sync takes over live view with the added benefit of a touch screen, touch anywhere on the image and the camera will focus on that point as well as making exposure changes. You can also review the photos you have taken but the resolution stays the same as you zoom in. You have the same issues of looking at a screen in daylight so probably more useful in a studio where you would use it to review the lighting. It works for me on a mini iPad but I cannot get my iPhone 5 to tether - I thought that would be a handy remote shutter release.

From Jak’s link it looks as though the KS2 will work and the K70 manual will say if that can be used as well. By all accounts the Pentax system is better than some of the others.


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The K-70 is compatible.
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I bought a cheap 5 meter usb lead. used it with my K1 tethered into Lightroom with success..
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Stan, if you just want a bigger screen for still life stuff in the house there should be a lead in the camera box to connect to a tv.



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The lead is no longer in the box, but the video out connection will enable an image to be shown on a projector or monitor. It's great for tuition purposes as all the menus can be shown as well.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. At present I'm using my K-70 to take images with a microscope and the tilting viewscreen prevents me having to look over the top of everything. The only snag is the remote control sensor is underneath as the camera is facedown and there is always the chane of me accidently nudging the other equipment. Don't really want to fork out another £45 for a wired remote using the two sec timer at present. I have a interval timer (3rd party) for my K-3 so perhaps will try that. At least Pentax have left the K interface alone the T2 fitting is interchangeable.



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Seculine make a very powerful IR Remote that works up to about 30M away with Pentax. It can also be bounced etc. The worst possible case would be to put a piece of alloy foil (mince pie case etc.) to bounce it into the IR receiver on the camera.

The cheapest is the Seculine Twin1 R3 TRS Remote Shutter Controller for Sony DSLR Cameras £13 off Ebay. You only need the transmitter part so throw the rest away. The receivers are for cameras with no IR built in.

All transmitters are the same model TWIN1 R3-UT

Cambrian on ebay

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