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stub wrote:
I bought a cheap 5 meter usb lead. used it with my K1 tethered into Lightroom with success..

Defeats the purpose of a cheap lusb ead if I need an expensive K-1 and don't use Lightroom



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Resuming this thread. I would like to see the photos I take on a bigger screen in a studio. Using my laptop is surely an option, but logistically is annoying. I have an amazon fire tablet, which doesn't have google services, but I can root if there is something that works for sure.

Image sync is too slow, so I need something that works with a cable. On the PC Lightroom needs few seconds to show the image. Is there something like this for Android as well that can show images via cable automatically after shooting? PK_Tether needs root so I didn't try.

Is there a lightroom mobile that tethers?

Thanks for the help. BTW I don't really want to shoot with the tablet, so tether is not the right word, I want just to see the image after it has been taken, but without clicking anywhere, the sw should recognize the new photo automatically and show it.


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Like was said earlier, if you just want to see the image in a bigger format then a field monitor is ideal. I can't peer through the viewfinder for long and so I use one for macro shooting. It takes the place of the camera screen in live view.
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thanks, what's the difference between a tablet and a field monitor?

I was hoping to do something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uKQENIQWEs

are you saying that I can exploit the HDMI connection? That would be awesome, I need to try!
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Monitor will mirror the LCD screen on the camera, but no controls.

Tablet running appropriate software will mirror camera LCD, and give controls.

Could consider a Flucard in the camera, plus tablet or phone.

Some 50 monitors on Amazon, eBay, etc.
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thanks but what is the "appropriate software" for android? I wouldn't invest on a flucard, although Image Sync is quite awful due to the speed. Can Image Sync be used with usb cable?


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stub wrote:
I bought a cheap 5 meter usb lead. used it with my K1 tethered into Lightroom with success..

Do you have LIVE VIEW on your PC with this set up? I need to have live view so I can compose since my camera will be placed up far away!


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Try WiFi Commander for Pentax. Works a treat, simply by connecting to the camera via its WiFi
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