Taking better photos I hope


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Hi all, I've had a K30 just under a year now, so tentativley putting up some shots for comment and criticism.

K30 with sigma DL100-300


3. Pray to the Otter God




7. 18-55 Wr lens

8.SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.7 White Carnation in snow

9. Petri 35mm f/2.8


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YIP i like them all well done
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They look pretty good to me too! Favourite is #9, least favourite are #4 and #8. The lion image is a bit back-focussed and on the carnation it is all a bit too soft, but I like all of the other shots.

Well done for taking and posting these, I hope my criticism is constructive rather than harsh!


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I like these and agree with the comments above

Where possible try to take a lower/different angle for wildlife/animals to give a clearer background, not always possible but worth considering

Hope this helps
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I like them all. Agree with Stuey on different shooting angles, (note to myself also)

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Great set of images. I also particularly like the last one.


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Nice set, number 3 is great!

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Have any of these been post processed or are they straight out of camera?


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Thank you for the feedback. It's most helpful. Yeah I'll try for a bit more background. I was attempting some close ups.

Karl wrote:
Have any of these been post processed or are they straight out of camera?

I hope this answers your question Karl
1. meerkat - slight crop at the base, i might have lifted the lighting a touch.
2. heron - no processing
3. otter - cropped, adjusted contrast. very little
4. sleeping lion - adjusted colour to warm it up, contrast and unsharp (poor photo to start with I think)
5. cheetahs - cropped due to tree behind.
6. bird of prey - unsharped to get the focus on the eye. otherwise no processing
7. jelly fish - No processing
8. carnation - cropped adjusted light saturtation and generally fiddled with it
9. B+W hand - no processing

I see a theme - too much post-processing spoils the light.


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I like the lot.
Its a great set.
Id be glad to have taken any of them.
I know what i like, If not always why.
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