Stills and video at the same time?


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Want to take video and stills at the same time?

Get one of these adapters off Ebay ... Cost me 2, looks a little weird but then most photographers look a little weird anyway if you ask me

Bet a Q on top of a K-5 would look quite funky

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You could even the point the top camera at
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Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff



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I've tried that with my go-pro...
still.. hate to say it, but the Sony sr 12 and a few new vg series take a decent still while recording video...

but the best technique I've found... mount your video cams onto your light stands below your lights... then use the footage as cutaway angles.. for multi-cam shooting .
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vic cross

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Quickly rigged up from bits and pieces in my cupboard.
Sorry about the (canon) it's my wifes and it was the only one we could find with a view finder.
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