Something inside sliding when tipping the camera 90 degree up-right


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I notised something what I haven't berofe notised with my K-x. When I slowly tip the camera left (or right - doesn't matter) for 90 degrees until it's in up-right position, I hear very obvious noise of something sliding inside the camera body! That happens with power ON and also power OFF. I tested also Shake Reduction ON an OFF and the sliding sound is still there.

Any proposal how to test SR-system?

There has been some discussions before link

I'm interested the sound because I fell with the bike and the camera (K-x) was in camera bag in the bike basket. K-x seems to work right and picture's quality seems to be OK and K-x has no external signs of shocks.
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I still think it might be the SR. Even when switched on, it remains loose until you half press the shutter (which engages it).


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Actually just checked mine, even with SR on (hand symbol lit) there's still a slight clunk

edit- but not in live view, where you can actually hear the SR mechanism straining.
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I had always this noise on my K-x, .. and others have mentioned it in various forums. I think that must be related to the way K-x was designed and built, .. I mean some kind of "structural noise", then unavoidable I'm afraid
Sorry, no proposal how to test SR-system.
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This is no doubt operational noise from the SR system. The instruction manual tells us to expect it and that it is quite normal.
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Will (Pentaxophile), what are you mean by "edit- but not in live view"?

I made quick and dirty test with SR Off/On and here are results. Left is SR Off and right SR On:

Picture taken from the calender on the wall by hand held (without tripod), shutter speed 1/20s and aperture f5.6. Picture are cropped from full size image. According this test SR seems to work.
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Just a guess as SR might be correct but there could be a mechanism that tells the camera when it in landscape or portrait hence the 90 tip?
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Thanks for reminding us - yes, there is an orientation sensor, but that's not big enough to clunk. The clunk is SR for sure.
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Whether SR is on or off, the SR mechanism is in free motion, affected only by gravity, until the shutter button is half pressed. It's not until then that it is activated and it's electromagnetic system holds it in place.

So, you can expect it to make a noise, typically a dull thud, unless you are pressing the shutter release button.
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johnriley wrote:
The clunk is SR for sure.

People keep saying 'it's the shake reduction'.

In case it's not obvious, it's actually the whole sensor assembly.

Simple to see - take the lens off, lock the mirror up, and look in through the front while you move the camera about. I haven't done this since I did it with the K10D, but I don't imagine it's much different.
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It is the shake reduction technology. A good description of the system in the K100D is at the beginning of this article here -


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It is possible (on the K-5 at least) to see the effect of SR in Live View. The system damps high fequency vibration most obviously, so if you shake the camera quickly (and gently!), you can see the image float around slowly rather than shake. As expected this is more obvious with longer lenses.
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Whatever it is, its apparent as a dull clunk on the K10D and a tinkly sound on the K5. Doesn't effect the workings of either and in my case was there from new.



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As John said. IT IS THE SR ! Pentax. Pentax DA*300/4, Cosina 55/1.2, Lens Baby Composer Pro & Edge 80, AFA x1.7, Metz 50 af1.
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Surely that's just the standard sound of the orientation sensor?
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