Shooting RAW and JPEG at same time K5iis


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Just to add to the mix of free software to extract the embedded JPEG is ERawP

Get it here;

Raw images taken with digital cameras contain raw sensor data. Such files can yield much better images than standard JPEGs but they must be “developed” using custom software, and this task takes time.
Raw files contain also an embedded jpeg image, already developed by the camera. This preview can be used to quickly show the image content, for example.

ERawP extracts the embedded previews from raw files and saves them in separate files.

EDIT: I downloaded ERawP and used it, it's extremely fast. However it does not retain EXIF as does IJFR and Faststone do.
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The Pentax Digital Camera Utility has an option to extract the jpeg from the raw file.

PS Was Steve being serious in having a rant or was it tongue in cheek? I didn't see anything for him to get upset about. Puzzled!
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