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Link Posted 13/01/2014 - 20:29
McGregNi wrote:
I clearly wasn't saying you can get an 8mm field of view with a 14mm ! It was a simple point about zoom vs prime pros & cons. I see many questions here about the various wide-angle zoom options for Pentax, and not so many about the primes - I just wanted to put the case for primes, and explain something about my own consierations when I decided.

Makes sense. But the edge performance of the 8-16mm is actually very good, and there is less barrel distortion than the Samyang (essentially none after 12mm - obviously it's going to struggle when you go wider than that).

The geometric distortion (uncomfortable corners) is, I think, simply a product of the extremely wide FOV on a rectilinear lens and goes away when you zoom in to, say, 12 or 14mm. But at least on a zoom, 8-10mm are available to you if the subject benefits from it.
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