Cheap shots (Tamron 70-300)


Link Posted 12/01/2014 - 13:26
I very rarely use longer zooms - perhaps having a call for them two or three times a year - and have come to the realisation that if there really was a telephoto zoom "shoot of a lifetime" I'd be better off renting a good lens for that occasion rather than having a heavy bazooka sitting around expensively doing nothing at home.

The Pentax 55-300 DA is an obvious sensible choice for most of us, but for less than 90 new including a decent guarantee, the Tamron 70-300 isn't half bad - in fact it gives the DA a good run for its money in terms of image sharpness, has a better close focus/"macro" capability but is notorious for being a bit wild with purple fringing (although that is at least easy to process out nowadays).

For people who want to see what the results would be from a typical "dog walk in the park" shoot with this bargain lens, here are a few from this morning - all bar the first taken at 300mm so not playing to its strengths (the tufted duck is at 260mm). In short, they may not be photographic masterpieces but, for me, the lens is more than "good enough" for some occasional fun:

Hope they help if you're wondering about this lens - sometimes some typical images can help!



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Thanks for the post thats very useful.

I have been looking at getting a telephoto for taking about and about on walks for wildlife, pics of the dogs, and flowers etc. So really good to hear you rate it highly for what it is.

Does the barrel creep seem excessive?, read in the PP article a couple of months ago that this was a concern.

Also, I'd like to get a few occasional pics of our dogs running, and was wondering what the AF is like on this lens.


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Hi - no issues with zoom creep for me but I wouldn't expect miracles for fast continuous focus though. May be ok if your dogs are old! Focussing can be a little fidgety at the longer end....but then that's also true of similar lenses including the DA55-300. Jon

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