Scratches on negatives


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I have an MZ-3 and recently started scanning the negatives. Mostrecently these are coming back VERY scratched. My local shop says they are not down to hiom but when i showed the results he didn't think they were camera based. He claims his scanner removes scratches very accuratley, hence the scratches are not on the prints. I wonder if I can ever eradicate this problemn or should give up and join the DSLR brigade

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I had exactly the same problem. I have linear scratches down my negatives. I was told it was the camera, until I pointed out that I was using two different cameras and the scratches were exactly the same.

I gave up scanning negatives and bough a cheap second hand *istDL
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

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Have you tried developing your own films?

Black and White is relatively easy to do, I know, I've just started doing it myself.

If you develop a film and there's no scratches then it's down to the shop not the camera.
Cheers, HG

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It might be worthwhile just checking inside the film chamber for any dust particles or any feint tram lines on the pressure plate on the inside of the camera back or on either side of the shutter aperture.
But my guess is that the processing is to blame. Try someone else and see if you have lines in the same place.

Regards - Pete


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The scratches are probably down to the lab, they always try and fob this and many other problems off with "its your camera"

In my experience its very rare for a cared for camera to cause scratches to a negative, and where it isn't the labs fault its usually caused by the film cartridge, always keep your film in the cannisters to prevent dust and dirt getting trapped in the light seal.
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