Scotland ...The Hidden Gem! Fairy Bridge


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Deep on the back roads in Scotland.... way off in the woods, runs a small but powerful stream of water. On one of the wettest dark over cast days, we travelled up a slippery slope of muck and moss in the early evening with two small toddlers, one teenager, and three hungry adults.....BUT at the top was a scene from the Celtic ancestors.... Stunning was a word that could only scratch the surface of this ancient place. I couldn't think of what to say...and I couldn't believe the beautiful imagine that was unfolding on the back view of my camera. Dripping wet, standing on a mucky edge of this stream....THIS IS WHAT I SAW! "The Fairy Bridge"
"Imagine I took this photo" or am I just dreaming?


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Well worth the hunger and muck , a nice image.
C&C welcome.


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Took my breath away ...... I can't speak! What a place. Unbelievable that they would build such a bridge away from a busy road. Could have belonged to a big landowner or royalty. Great photo even captured the magic

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Impressive picture of a beautiful place.

Also impressive that you managed to persuade two toddlers and a teenager to go through muck and wet to see it!



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Nice find JudithAnn and you've certainly done the place justice.

I've never seen a picture from here before which is surprising when you consider all us togs searching for just such a spot.

You certainly seem to be making the most of your vacation over here.

Best wishes



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Very nice and well photographed.

Best regards
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