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Link Posted 30/05/2019 - 22:45
While idly looking through the viewfinder before heading for home, a head popped up in the corner. It would have been rude not to press the shutter button. A few seconds later its human appeared, phone to head and oblivious to me, surroundings and possibly even the dog.

Taken with K3 and FA77. There was time to focus but not to change from f2 as well. The result works for me, but would you have changed to wider DOF and risk losing the shot?

And now a crop.



Link Posted 31/05/2019 - 00:12
Given the importance of the 'pop-up' dog I think f2 is quite appropriate since it grabs the subject and mutes the surroundings. To have gone to a smaller aperture would introduce a lot of competing detail. (I'm assuming you don't have a wider one!).

This 'pop-up' fox was a grab shot too, but at about f11.
It's a manual lens so I barely had time to focus before he legged it. The detail in the field, middle right takes visual precedence over the fox. Bright sunshine is glinting off everything in oversharp focus. No, yours comes out of it far better for a wider aperture.

Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Thanks. It's helpful to get a second opinion, particularly when the picture breaks several 'rules'. There was a wider aperture - f1.8, but doubt it would make any difference. The wide aperture was due to taking shots of the barley, trying to isolate individual ears against background. Normal habit for just walking about is f8, but hadn't reset to that after the barley shots. I kept saying to myself 'If only...', but you've reassured me.



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waiting for the pop-up cat pictures.

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pschlute wrote:
waiting for the pop-up cat pictures.

No cats in this family, photographically, domestically or in any other way. Might be to do with having had dogs which all thought that cats were nasty, annoying things that should be chased off the premises ASAP. The barley is so high at the moment that if a cat were big enough to be seen over it, I'd run and be prepared to use the camera as a weapon in self defence.

A pop-up deer is possible in those fields. Got to see it before the dog does, though! Have also seen pop-up hares but photos very poor.

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