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Hi everyone, I would really like some advice about ring flashes. I am off to Singapore in a couple of months. I like the pentax af160fc & it has the adapter for the macro lenses, then the sigma em-140 dg which offers adapter rings up to 77mm good for the 85mm f1.4 portrait wise, then there is the metz 15 ms-1 digital wireless TTL, I am planning on buying the metz 58 af-2 digital I am really in a quandry, as I see it it is not at all practical buy all 3 any useful advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ian
k7 10-17fe 12-24 55 100 macro 18-55 50-200


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The Sigma (which I have used) is not what I would call a ring flash as the tubes do not form a ring! They are two smaller straight tubes and rely on the reflector and diffuser system to form the ring. The light therefore has the characteristic of two discrete sources.

I was not over impressed with the output.



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I have the pentax 160 and am well pleased with the results, takes a bit of getting used to especially with the tubes on but getting there. My only gripe, the cable between camera and unit is not coiled and not as flexible as could be.
C&C welcome.


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I must agree with 08tiger about the cable about the AF160FC. That, and it is alittle bit pricey. Other-wise I have found it serves well with Macro, Close-up and Portrait. It is both strong and dependable.


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The AF160FC comes with a useful array of adapters including the bayonet fitting to suit the D-FA macro lenses. You might also consider this from Metz. Although there is no 49mm adapter available for it, which would be needed for the D-FA 100mm, a 55-49mm step down ring + 55mm adapter solution would suffice.
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