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Link Posted 15/07/2011 - 20:41
Hi Guys,

I've recently aquired 2 older Pentax electronic flashguns - AF240Z and a AF260SA.

Both work, presumeably as intended, on my K10D and results are aceptable bearing in mind they are a previous vintage.

I am querying what facilities of these guns can I exploit as so far I've only used them in a "manual mode" with the camera set to "X". I then calculate the f number from the Guide number (24/26 respectively)for the distance of my subject.

When used off camera (against a white reflector) with a radio trigger I've discoverd that they work best if I cover the photosensor on the front with a bit of sticky tape.



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Well I have the AF240Z so I can advise there:

If you set the camera to X, set the flash to Auto, and set the ISO and aperture to the values the flash expects, the flash's own light sensor will set the light output for the correct exposure (assuming the subject is within the right distance).

If you set the camera and flash to "P", the camera will automatically select the right aperture and shutter speed when the flash is ready. Aperture can be altered by changing the ISO in this scenario.

I've never used an AF260SA but the P setting should work in the same way. I carry an AF201SA as my pocket flashgun now as it's relatively tiny but packs a decent punch, plus using Program Flash makes life easier if all you want to do is take a photo in low light without fiddling around.

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for that I'll try those settings next time I'm out.

The 260SA is On/Off (apparently fixed at "P") - I've downloaded the manual for it but it's a bit "thin" on relevent info. I got this as I couldn't find the 160 that you recommended months ago.

I too intend carrying with me for use as a "fill in" flash (using the radio trigger) so that I can place the flash as required. So far it's been a bit hit and miss (hence the topic request)and by blacking ut the sensor reducing the variables



Link Posted 18/07/2011 - 06:11
Just in case you're unaware...

If using the AF240z 'off-camera' in 'M' mode with triggers it will only fire at 1/1 (full power)

Not sure about the af260SA as I've never used one...
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Hi Matt,

I found that out, but as I grew up with flash guns that only went pmff (1 power setting) I'm happy to move the gun to a distance appropriate to the aperture/ASA.

I am struggling with fill in flash and the options under the Fn button don't quite match the pictures in the manual

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