Ring Flash - Anybody used the AF140C?


Link Posted 27/01/2003 - 08:29
I do a lot of close up work with either the 100mm macro on 35mm or the 120mm maco on 645.

In the past I've tried a non Pentax ringflash (don't worry I'm over it now and will never do it again) but didn't like the weight as the battery pack was an integral of the flash ring also it wasn't a TTL flash (mind you back then my P50 didn't support TTL either).

The AF140C looks a much better design but I have a few questions...

1 Will it work on the 645 lens without causing vignetting?
2 Is there an external power socket? I know a ringflash doesn't use a lot of power but I like the fast recycle time of my Quantum Turbo battery pack.
3 What is the recycle time when running on ordinary batteries?
4 What's it like to use? Easy? Fiddly?

I'm going to ask Pentax at Focus but you can't beat the views of someone who's handed over hard cash.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Link Posted 04/01/2004 - 17:12
Personally I would opt for the Sunpak DX12R. It has got a modeling light for preflash focusing. This feature is great for shooting at night. It can also double as a flashlight in the dark. It is designed for medium format cameras so that lenses with 72mm filter diameters will fit without the flash blocking any part of the front element and it can also be used with 35mm cameras and lenses. It is TTL compatible and it uses interchangeable flash modules so owners of multiple camera brands can use it on all their cameras. It costs more than the DX8R but is well worth the extra expense.

Ralf Dupka

Link Posted 02/03/2007 - 10:23
I use the 140c a lot in my specialist macro work. It is very consistent and is the smallest unit I have seen (great in real field work as it peresents a smaller object to the insects I am bothering). It does not have an external power supply alas, but pretty good recycle times. And it does have modelling lights which I use at night chasing insects around, though this of course depletes the batteries much faster.
However if you have any but the istD or istDs bodies, the TTL format has been droped by Pentax. A great shame.


Link Posted 02/03/2007 - 14:10
I have the af080c.
It has an external power adaptor...
49mm diameter.
can switch between internal (battery) or external power, ttl auto (works fine with my ds2) full manual or 1/4 manual settings.
the front of the ring has a threaded hole for attaching accesories.
(i've used that to screw in wire finder viewers to measure distance and framing with out needing the viewfinder, and to clip tissue vinetters for portraits.)
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.
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