railings Crit and comments please


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Hi all,

crit and comments on how to improve and suggestions on if a different camara position angle would have been better?
Just learning.

cheers Neil


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I find it somewhat interesting but not incredibly so, it's just lacking 'something'. With the sea and the wood it's just all a bit brown, and a pasty washed-out brown at that I would be tempted to try it in black and white and increase the contrast quite a lot.
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George Lazarette

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I vote for B&W too.

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two ideas...
rotate 90 deg left.

on a duplicate layer in pse:
duplicate layer/filter:highpass amount 7/layermode: softlight/merge down
duplicate layer/filter gausian blur amount 40/layermode: softlight/opacity between 50 and 80 %/image: color:saturation up to taste...

let me know how that looks
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thanks guys wil try B+W,
think I should have got down lower and possibly shot along the pier

Don I will give it a try later dont know what it means but sounds good will post the results.


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neilr wrote:

think I should have got down lower and possibly shot along the pier

exactly what I was going to suggest, I find many things look more interesting from a lower vantage point.
you don't have to be mad to post here

but it does help


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Exclude the actual rail and concentrate on the shadow play. High contrast B&W to finish it off.
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The railings and their shadow next to them looks really interesting.Have you considered a close crop so this forms the main picture?

My first thought also was more contrast and punch needed.
I am sure it would be good in black and white, but you could also try desaturating the colour and upping the contrast as an alternative.

I think there is probably some potential in the shot, but not as it stands.
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