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Link Posted 14/06/2010 - 19:53
I have always felt that it`s important to let others know when quality of services is good or bad. My belief is that it may just help someone make up their mind about something. So what`s this all about then? Last week the home internet was gradually grinding to a halt and on Friday night it totally shrugged off the coat of conection. So in a mindful state on saturday did all the checks and concluded that the modem/router had passed over. Rang O2 and a most helpful lady in Northern Ireland confirmed my thoughts by testing the conection and doing other bits and pieces. She confirmed an order for a new modem/router had been raised and that a confirmation phone call would follow later on Saturday. Got the phonecall and all was confirmed. Arrived home today and waiting for me was the new kit, now I reckon that`s cracking service from a large organisation. It`s the sort of stuff you would expect from a small family firm. Thanks O2, you did well.

(Other service providers are available).

Enjoy life
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Good to hear good feedback from a satisfied customer.
My piccies.
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