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I know this is off topic but...

the archiving of digital data is something I have an interest in. The problem is not with the hardware. Provided you have a program of making back-ups you can shift from one format to another as time goes by. The bigger problem is the format of the files. Wordstar v. 1 anybody? Locoscript? For digital images the current recommended archiving format is tif. The idea is that if all your files are in one format, when the time comes to convert them to the next format it can be done as one massive batch job. The second big issue is metadata. What is the image of? When and where was it taken? Who owns copyright? There are extensive guidelines for this sort of thing too.

Best wishes, Kris.
Kris Lockyear
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I know this is off topic but...

Well not really, preservation of digital data, I appreciate your point about format, tif. If all images are of my making then copyright should not be an issue for me. Mean Time to Failure of electronically recorded data bothers me as there is no experience as yet. Not enough years have passed!
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