Posting again at last


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Hello all

After an enforced absence due to lots of stuff using up my time I have eventually processed some shots from our holiday in August in Llangrannog

Here are a few, c&c welcome


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Love the first one - the sky is like an oil painting!

Oh and the Vitesse


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Nice to see you back Stuey, 3 and 7 are my pick.
C&C welcome.


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Nice stuff on your return... Was it good on the other side ?
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Thanks for the comment guys

I'm still on the busy side even with a week off as the little fella is off school, we have been suffering from real life interrupting life as we would like it to be but hopefully we are on the return to normality

I may even get a chance to post some more later today or in the week
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And a few more

As always C&C welcome


K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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I love the low light sea scenes and silhouettes where the stark contrast works perfectly, and there's such richness in the skies.

The daylight beach scenes look rather too saturated with a red/orange tone ... Perhaps pulling this back would help ... Great to see you out and at it again!
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Nicely done
C&C welcome.


Link Posted 28/10/2014 - 10:01
Nice work Stuart. Good colours and saturation.

Best regards


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One and three for me from the first set. I was not there, but to me some of them look a bit too saturated.
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Well worth the wait. 1 and 4 for me. I like saturated images but tend to agree with Barrie and Nigel - some of the shots do look a bit too saturated

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Welcome back, Stuey. A bit garish for my tastes but Martin Parr would love them The style really suits the crowded beach shot. the Vitesse is nice but needs a less cluttered background to show it off. I drove one once, very fast. Too fast.
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These lovely shots stirred happy memories for me. I haven't been to Llangrannog since I was at St David's in Lampeter during the early 70s. It still looks a lovely little place.


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Hi all

Thanks for the comments

As for the oversatuaration I have had to use my spare monitor and I just can't get on with it - they look fine then on the lap top they don't - my standard setting in raw conversion / batch process is vibrance 30 - saturation between 10 then a tweak of the saturation of different colour channels with the HSL tool/settings - oddly enough I have had to desaturate blues a little in some when using the sigma 10 - 20

I will post some from the elan valley later - hopefully with better accuracy
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Good to see you posting Stu. And good to see you still got out with your camera.

I almost bought a Vitesse once (20 years ago?), for a bargain 750, but the better half put the block on it. The guy sold it within a week and ended up getting double what I'd been offered it for

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