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There have been some images posted here which have me thinking. There hasn't been anything new out of photography since Ed burtinsky. I can download any picture from the internet I want. What is the appeal of photography?
Here is Ed's link.
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Capturing moments in time that are special to you
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What is the appeal of photography?

The canvas on my wall came from my photograph, I am finally an artist, And not just a P**s artist.

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For me it is capturing the view of the subject you have at that moment, the looking for the different angle, capturing them and showing your personal view for yourself and to any who are interested.

You only really get a particular view of a particular subject once as everything will change, particular light, you can't ever repeat a shot exactly so every shot you do take may be special and even for us who are not as technically proficient as perhaps we should be, will at times take a very special shot not only to them but something that appeals to others too.

One always hopes that others will like your work but it does not really matter as if you like it, if you have captured what you intended then the opinion of other may be helpful or interesting but critiques do not hurt as you are happy in what you did and if you can understand what your criticizer is saying you know next time the shot will be better.
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