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Trust a Yorkshireman to start a thread like this

+1 for beakynets reply
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I too recently renewed my Plus membership for the reasons already given by other members - it helps support this site and there are better discount deals with SRS. Another benefit is that only Plus members are entitled to enter the quarterly competitions. BTW the subscription, which is a very modest sum, is less than we used to pay when we had the magazine.



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I've upgraded. I like the classifieds site here. You can buy and sell lenses with confidence and without ebay fees so that's got to be worth a tenner.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


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pianoman wrote:
davidstorm wrote:
I don't think the subscription is much to pay and I don't think we should begrudge paying it. The website has to be funded somehow and I for one get a lot of pleasure from it by posting pictures, commenting on pictures posted by others, entering competitions and contributing to the forum now and again.

I have learned a lot from the knowledgeable people on this site and also made some great new friends.


Same here David I use the site daily and its great value in my opinion good to support the site plus all the points already raised.
I would certainly miss it if it were no longer here

3p a day? If only all things in life I enjoy were so cheap!!!!!!

I will be renewing

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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I've recently renewed.

I think it is worth supporting the site and there are the other enticements, like being able to download the pdf's of the past magazines. Thinking about it, I need to get an LX serviced so the servicing discount is likely to be used.

All in all it is worth it for the extras and to support the site.


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As my subscription is coming up for renewal next month I have found this thread interesting. Like many others I see this as a way of supporting the site. I enjoy my regular visits to the forum and hope that it continues to prosper.


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My subscription is up for renewal next month and I will be renewing it. I donít post very much or upload images but have probably covered a good part of the cost with free postage from SRS.


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Is this an 'official' Pentax forum or is it just run by enthusiasts?


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woodworm wrote:
Is this an 'official' Pentax forum or is it just run by enthusiasts?

Neither, it's paying returns on capital. We are here to click through and spend.
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Pentax User is run by the ePHOTOzine groups, Magezine Publishing, created by Peter Bargh.

It springs from Pentax User Club, which Pete took over the running of some years ago now.

All the info about it is in the website - just look under Home tab.
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I think we have a great forum and like other great institutions it sometimes looks tatty round the edges. Some of the content needs refreshing and even updating.

Sometimes things don't get done like speaking to a Pentax techie....but they usualy happen eventualy.

Sometimes you get annoyed when the technology fails like when you are bombarded with emails or locked out of the account.

But I think it is worth £9.99 to keep a fairly uncommercial Pentax forum going. Ron the dog thinks so as well. He has given up a months treats to pay for the membership this year. What a dog - he loves his pentax meets.



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I will renew when my time is up, I find the site interesting, fun and I have met some fantastic people and new friends as a result.
Plus, being able to post loads of pics has helped me develop as the feedback has really encouraged me, and helped me learn.

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I will not be renewing. I had a lens serviced by Johnsons. They quoted me £100 plus VAT over the phone, which I stupidly failed to get in writing.

Then I joined PUP, sent in the lens on their proper form with my membership number, and guess what they quoted?

Yes, £120 including VAT, and the discount. There were no parts required - it was just an AF adjustment.

Obviously, without having sent the lens in and got a written quote from them *before* quoting them my membership number (which following their procedures in fact precludes), I haven't a leg to stand on.

My bad, but I still feel conned.

The additional content isn't enough for me to feel it's worth paying for, I'm afraid.
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ChrisA wrote:
My bad, but I still feel conned

On the face of it, that does seem sharp practice or at best (on Johnson's part) inconsistency rolled into coincidence. My view on the fee is that the site doesn't run itself for free, will not pull in a great deal of revenue from advertising, given its (in Internet terms) limited traffic, and needs the support of those who use it. Quite rightly, those who use it are not obliged to pay an access fee; but those who can afford it, and derive benefit from the site, might consider it a worthy (and self-interested!) cause.
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CMW wrote:
My view on the fee is that the site doesn't run itself for free

Possibly not, but as forums go, it's a very expensive way of doing it. It's proprietary software, with a development team behind it. I'm not for a moment knocking them, since they're generally very helpful. But Magezine presumably do it this way because it suits their business.

On the other hand, I know exactly how much it costs to run a dedicated server, with plenty of disk space, and tons of available bandwidth, and it isn't all that much.

Mine (well, my company's) costs about 1500 quid a year to run it and its backup. The hardware cost of each server was about 800 quid. We pay extra for software of various kinds, but PHPBB and vBulletin both run on MySQL which is free.

The only issue would be with the gallery images. I'm not sure how much space they take up, but if it's of the order of a few TB, it wouldn't be that big a deal.

So given that the moderators work unpaid, as I understand it, I don't think the forum itself needs to be all that expensive, and plenty of other such, run perfectly well on donations.

So I take the point about public-spiritedness being an incentive to subscribe, but it's their choice to run it the way they do.

And it's not as if paying for it - or part of it - gets us any influence of any kind. A lot of the stuff in the Forum T&Cs stem directly from the fact that it's a business, with specific business interests behind it - that don't necessarily coincide with the sort of things that the community likes to talk about sometimes.
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