One lens


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Budget 150
One lens to put on my ks2 for a holiday in cyprus
New or old
What should I buy because I can't decide.


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We don't know what lenses you already have, but if it is to be the only lens then a "standard" lens will give you the most verstaility.

So, either the SMC Pentax-DA 35mm f/2.4


SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm (WR if possible)
Best regards, John
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Whats so wrong with DA 18-55...? Much under rated lens..
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Could you stretch to a used 18-135? I reckon it's much better than the 18 -55, and you get the extra reach.

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Pentax 18-135WR - just a few pounds more and, for an all-round holiday lens, there's nothing better in image quality and versatility.



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Theres an 18-135mm here, Just about on budget. Way better than the 18-55
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derek897 wrote:
Theres an 18-135mm here, Just about on budget. Way better than the 18-55

You do realise it is frowned upon to link to other Pentax forums? People have been banned for less.
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I know what i like, If not always why.


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You've done nothing wrong derek897, useful link, hope it results in a sale. I'd agree that the 18-135mm would be a better choice than the 18-55mm, but usually it would be out of the budget indicated.
Best regards, John


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Obviously the 18-135 is more versatile being longer.. But ive seen little evidence its better...!! I also assumed the poster already owns the 18-55. So a non cost option...
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Unfortunately I have one lens only. A pentax fa 80-200. It was on my camera which I managed to save everything else was in another bag which got badly water damaged. So I'm kind of starting a fresh again.
I was thinking of getting another copy of a pentax f 35-70 I've had some good results with it in the past.


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Cheers John.
Asking price for the 18-135mm is 160 incl postage
Probably get it for his 150 budget.
Bang for buck, I can't see it being beaten for that price. 👍🏻
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bet if you looked round you could find a sigma or tamron 18/200 or 18/300


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Pentax or Tamron 18-250 (basically the same lens, different badge.)
Pentax 18-270 (updated version of the 18-250)
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Don't forget the 'old' glass ....
The Pentax-F 35-70 is excellent and the F70-210 is very good, albeit a bit on the long side. The F-zoom 28-80 delivers too even if some complain about its 'violent' auto focus! I don't rate the F 35-135, but I might have a duff copy of that. My all-time holiday standby is the Tamron A03 28-200. They are expensive and like hens' teeth but very very good.
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