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Hello again my knowledgable freinds,
I have inherited an old Olympus OM1; It comes with a F.Zuiko 1.8/50mm lens and a Sun formula v 4.5/85-210. Both these lenses fit directly to the OM1 body without an adapter, so, presumably the are designated OM1 fit.
My question is: Does anyone here please have any knowledge / expreience of adapters to suit?

Thank you.
Best Regards, Larry.

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If you want to use Pentax then the easiest route is to sell the Olympus on ebay and buy some more pentax stuff, probably also on eBay.

If an adapter were possible, it would likely be very expensive. Srb-Griturn are the people to ask though.
Best regards, John


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Thanks John,
Normally I would, as you say, just bump these out, but the belonged to my father and for that reason I would have liked to make a little use of them.
However, if I can't get to use them on my Pentax I may have a go on the old OM1 body with that funny old stuff that comes on rolls,,,what was it called
Best Regards, Larry.

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Keep the OM1 and give it a whirl - great classic camera!

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JonSchick wrote:
Keep the OM1 and give it a whirl - great classic camera!

My thoughts exactly. The 50mm is a nice lens. I doubt the Sun is up to much.

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+1 on keeping the Oly and using it
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+2 on keeping the Oly
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+3 on keeping it. I have one and use it frequently - good camera and lenses
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+4 on keeping it, I've never used an OM1 but they have a good reputation so stick the 50mm on the front, some film in the back, and laugh at yourself every time you take a shot and go to check the histogram (thats what I always do with my ME-F!!)
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Thanks to all,

All seems sound advice, might be fun
Best Regards, Larry.

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-1 on keeping the Oly. I sold my OM1 kit and enjoyed the proceeds.

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+6 Give the Oly a go I'm certain you will enjoy it
Regards Huw



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I looked into adapting some Olympus Zuiko lenses for my K100 (you know what I'm like with mf lenses...) but it really isn't practical. The same applies to Contax lenses, sadly. One reason why the backwards compatability of Pentax and M42 is so reassuring.

I haven't used my Olympus though, it needs film...
Best wishes,


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There was an Amazon Marketplace seller offering cheap Ilford HP5 last time I looked...

If the OM1 was able to use a dedicated flash and motor drive you could consider adding those to the outfit. Wouldn't cost much and it'd make for a very attractive display camera when you're not using it.

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I had some Olympus lenses before I switched to Pentax and wanted to keep some of the lenses. i could not find any adaptors anywhere so ended up selling the lot. You probably wont get that much on fleabay and if the gear has nostalgia value why not keep it?

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