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I am not sure if the current Olympus are the original manufacturers

I have been a Pentax user since the 1970;s. I still use Pentax and nothing else.
I have a now a K5 and a K5IIs and a VS20 plus a bunch of Pentax lenses.
Never use my phone for picture taking.
I am 77 years old and could not give a hoot if any of the camera manufacturer go bust or not.
All my pictures, and there are may, are on my computer, they look better than any prints, because of the back lighting of the screens.
If any of my cameras go faulty and I can not get them repaired , I go tho Ebay and buy another Pentax. There are many for sale and will be for a long time to come.
Regards, Horst


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Jetsam1 wrote:
MrB wrote:
Compared with others (e.g. Olympus) perhaps the users of certain systems (e.g. Pentax) are of a demographic less likely to transfer their photographic activities to their mobile phones?


What stops me taking out the Pentax gear is actually simply the size of DSLRs (and Pentax is on the compact side) and the weight of lenses etc. The M43 kit is much lighter and smaller and with a kit of lenses can go in a reasonably compact shoulder bag. Pre kids and when I was still living in the UK I was using Pentax film cameras a lot of the time for much the same reasons. Just too expensive for the processing at the moment. Hopefully once the disasters of the last couple of years are behind me I can start looking to use them again.

I digress. I use a smart phone a lot for quick shots of the kids and for the minimal sharing I do it is very convenient to have everything on one device. The smart phone is my internet, camera, phone, basic computer, gps, and so on all in a pocketable device. There are good reasons why they are so prevalent.

If I want really good pictures a good camera is still the way to go, but in the past how many people really had a top level SLR? Or just a compact P and S?

I had a Pentax K10D followed by a K20D and then a K3 and started to find it a hassle to lump my K3 around at times, so I got rid of my Pentax gear and bought an Olympus OMD EM10II with a twin lens kit. At first I thought, wow, this is amazing, so compact and so lightweight but I soon found the need to fit a after market hand grip to the Olympus because I found it too SMALL! Picture quality was generally very good but not as good as the Pentax K3 and I soon regretted selling it. Now I have returned to Pentax with the KP and I am so glad I did.
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