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Mark St J

Link Posted 06/07/2003 - 19:12
Hi just reg'd , so bear with the newb on the board

I have an old Pentax MX, which I've had for years, and have built up a few lenses for it, I love it to bits still and have taken some of my best shots with this old clunker. I have been in the market for a new SLR to join it (ie so I can have each loaded with diferent film, and also one for slightly swifter use on what I would term snapshot jobs)

Anyway, I just picked up an MZ-7 for a 'very' good price, (not hot I hasten to add... someone died and their brother just wanted to get rid of all their camera gear, most of it was trash, but this was a diamond in the trashcan, a little cosmetically roughened, but other than that, almost perfect), anyway...

I just ordered the manual, (as he couldn't find this, could find it for everything else...just not this....typical), so bear with my ignorance, but I have yet to work out even 10% of this camera, as having used the MX for the last <cough> years, I was even confused by the lack of winder... lol

It is realy the lens switchability that is worrying me, I mean obviously, being 'pentax' the mount isn't a problem, but I was wondering just how compatable this will work out for me? (as in I don't realy want to start doubling lenses)

Being 'used' to my MX I am totally used to 100% manual anyway, other than the spot metering. So sticking say my 500 mirror on there and having to do the lot, won't worry me much, but will it cause any problems (even if for some strange reason I want to try and stick the 20-80 on the MX)

Thnx for any insights

PS: I presume this camera (the MZ-7) does have total manual mode???


Link Posted 06/07/2003 - 21:16
I'm not specifically familiar with the MZ-7, but the general principle with lenses is that they work in the same way on most camera bodies - that is, the limiting factor is the lens. So an M series lens will give manual and aperture priority options. An A series lens will add the possibility of program mode and shutter priority. An F or FA lens adds autofocus to the appropriate bodies.

I like the MX very much and as I update to more modern bodies I have chosen the MZ5 and MZ3 cameras as these have conventional shutter dials and it is possible to use them in exactly the same way as the MX if I so choose.

However, the MX remains just about the perfect manual body, and it has outlasted something like half a dozen ME-type bodies!
Best regards, John


Link Posted 18/07/2003 - 11:09
G'Day, I'm new to but not registered yet, like johnriley I like the MZ-3 MZ-5 style of body and if you love your MX you will to, I'm not 100% familiar with the MZ7 either but i'm fairly sure their's a compatability problem with screw, K and M series lenses, its easy to check, take of the lens and look at the camera mount, in the top right quadrant there should be a small lever this lever tells the camera what aperture is set on the lens if its not there you need a lens with an 'A' setting so the camera can set the aperture, there may be a custom function that overcomes this but I don't know, please let me know how you get on I'd love a *ist D but apart from finances this might stop me all the best.


Link Posted 18/11/2003 - 14:39
MZ-7 can use all K-mount lenses
- without metering problem.
- with focus confirm light in maunal focus mode
- with 'trap focus' mode in AF mode
i.e. the shutter can only be fired with the object is in focus.

* some MZ bodies, like MZ-50, lack a coupling arm in their body mount. Thus they can't get the Aperture setting on K-mount lense. The meter reading is wrong if you do't set the max. aperture.
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