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Pentax MZ-7 lenses

Posted 28/11/2003 - 17:53 Link
Hi, I do not know anything about cameras but I am trying to get additional lenses for an MZ-7 for my girlfriend. Would lenses for a Pentax ME Super fit?

Is it a screw fit, P fit, K fit - please help
Posted 29/11/2003 - 07:43 Link

The MZ-7 is autofocus, the ME Super is manual focus. While the lenses from an ME Super will fit (they have the same PK bayonnet mount) and work, you will have to focus them manually

The lense mount is PK bayonnet, while the lense type you really want to go for is FA - ie autofocus, automatic. Jessops in the UK, for instance, term it "Pentax AF".

The Pentax lenses can be expensive, but worth it
Just to make it more confusing for you other companies make very good lenses too - Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina. These companies make lenses for the main camera types, so make sure you specify that it is for Pentax autofocus

If I were you, try and find out what lense(s) she already has - the type of lense is usually marked on the front of the lense, then pop into a local camera store for advice It also depends on what type of photos she want to take...

Hope that helps,
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