NYMR / Pickering War Weekend (October 2016)


Link Posted 19/10/2016 - 20:11
K10D wrote:
A good and varied set with plenty of event scenes and coverage.

The M/C is indeed a WCO 350.

I couldn't make it this year but glad to see the images above.

Best regards

Thank you and for the M/C model confirmation. I wondered if you might be around somewhere.
John K


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NaimKhan wrote:
JAK wrote:
Oh dear, did you wizz past a scamera van? I haven't been on the NYMR for quite a while. One thinks twice about paying out 30 for a trip. Maybe would if it was a tenner though. I know it must cost them quite a lot to run but 1 x 10 gives them more than 0 x 30.

Yes - b******* . Ticket came in the post today.
About the train ticket - yes I agree. 26 is rather steep. I was planning to use the car but there was no parking at Levisham so decided to take the train all the was up to Grosmont.

Again oh dear as in expensive! If only the train ran through from Leeds again you'd have avoided that.
John K


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Great set the combination of camera and lens works well


Link Posted 20/10/2016 - 00:01
Thanks Ian, appreciated.
John K
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