North Wales meet?


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Hi all

Last year I started out thinking I was helping out sorting a meet in Snowdonia then felt that I was going to be running it as such then it turned out anything but and with a little help from all those concerned we had a great day

This has me thinking about doing the same type of thing but can't decide what may be best for others, that is, I am willing to help organise 'something' preferably in North wales but would welcome suggestions and/or requests

Of course another Snowdonia meet may well be popular but there are other options

Here are a few suggestions;

1. Snowdonia an easy mini tour like the last time, basically no need to own a pair of walking boots.

2. Snowdonia - pick a mountain - for the more energetic - probably not the best photographically as many of the best shots are taken lower down, but it is an option.

3. Llandudno Transport festival and Victorian Weekend link

4. Llandudno air show link

5. Anglesey, plenty here from various forms of racing at Ty Groes to landscapes and wildlife (Red Squirrels if we get really lucky)

As usual I may well be mooching around these various locations and events myself (including my son to wear me out and better half to make me behave) and thought that I would at least suggest a mini meet if any one is interested

I can 'try' to be a guide of sorts for the likes of Snowdonia or just a nuisance for the organised events so if you are interested please speak up

Times and dates are open except of course for the organised events


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Sounds like a great idea to me Stuey, personally I would love to see Anglesey but I would be up for any location in North Wales, dates permitting.

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Thanks David

I also forgot to mention that Llangollen has plenty to offer including horse drawn boats, steam trains, Castell Dinas Bran, Landscapes etc and for me it's only a couple of miles away


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Hi Stu,

What a good idea. Couldn't make it last summer and there's no guarantee I could this year (my father is still with us at 103).

This sounds like an interesting place near Beaumaris -

I'll keep following the thread in the hope I can come ( I could do the interpreting for you).



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Looks good to me Howard

Glad to hear that your dad's still ticking over at 103 - well done that man

Yes, I may need your translation help, my already limited Welsh is getting no better my fault, more effort required

Let's hope you are able to attend this time around it would be nice to see you again


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Great Idea Stuey

Missed out last year, but you just need to go for a date and a location, and if folk can make it they will. Go for something and they will come ( including me... Hopefully )

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I enjoyed last year's meet and am up for any venue as long as I can make the date...

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If it's after the football season has come to an end then you can count me in, We have a caravan at Greenacres in Porthmadog and we are there most weekends.

I like the idea of 1&5 and also one of my favorite of Penmon Point & Puffin island.


Link Posted 06/04/2014 - 18:13
Come on guys be brave - someone suggest a date and place - after the football season to include MattH

I am up for more than one I think
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For me depends on where and when...

Although I live in the London, my folks live in the Vale of Clwyd and I visit on a regular basis....
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Encouraging responses so far

I will get my calendar out and try to set a date or two

It would be good to catch up with you again Mr Kitson and for that matter the other David Mr Storm (and all of the others I have met before)

As long as Mr Kitson doesn't have me carrying out anymore dodgy rock clinging manoeuvres under ancient bridges

Yes, Aaron told my parents about that (this weekend funnily enough) - typical even at 41 I get 'the you naughty boy' look from my Mother (my better half was unimpressed as well but doesn't blame Dave for my idiocy she knows it all too well)

I think we all enjoyed it last year so here goes,

How about a Snowdonia meet similar to last time (herein in referred to as a 'disorganised' event) with differing venues based around not having to walk too far from the car.

And maybe a mini meet at one or more of the 'organised' events - I intend to attend the Transport Festival and Airshow (got stuck in traffic last year and saw one jet from the car and the RAF Falcons from the beach) regardless so speak up if you are interested.

I will check my dates for a 'disorganised' event and make a few suggestions very soon


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Here we go then

My sons football commitments on Saturday mornings should end in April - if not I can do Sundays

'Organised' events list of potentials

Llandudno Transport Festival and Victorian Extravaganza 3.5.14 or 4.4.14

Lots of vehicles of all types - free vintage bus rides into the town into the 'Victorian Area' so cars and costumes galore

Llandudno Air Show 24th May 14 - speaks for itself really

Three Castles Vintage Classic Rally 7.6.14 and 8.6.14 (these are the weekend bits some are earlier this evening - I have only just found this and don't know too much about it.

And some potential 'disorganised' rabble gatherings, any dates May onwards should be available for me, preferably Saturdays.

Llangollen - doorstep stuff for me speak up if you have a day in mind

Snowdonia - plenty of possibilities May onwards - I have nothing planned bar the above - what dates suit who - maybe 17.5.14

Anglesey - any preferences on dates again I am free other than stated above if someone has a date they like speak up and then we can see if it can be done - plenty of options there.


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What's with this "Mr Kitson"

Are you trying to make me feel uneasy

dave k
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Sorry Dave - just trying to avoid any confusion between which David I was referring to
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if you're still considering Anglesey Parys mountain is quite spectacular and you bon't nee dto be fit. I've been twice and love the place - colours are stunning:

and if you fancy some ruins ther's Baron hill:

Pain to park anywhere near Baron hill though

or again if you fancy seeing faded grandeur there is Talysarn Hall at Dorothea Quarry:
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