New Kodak Portra 400


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Has anyone been using the new Portra 400? Comments?
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What, no takers?

I was given 3 sample (free) rolls to try in 120 size. I found them quite acceptable, but then I'm no expert, so what would I know?


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I do intend to give this film a whirl, but I'll probably try the 160 version a try first. As soon as I've tried the Ektar I've just ordered! From what I've read online, this is about as good as 400ISO neg film gets!
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I read a blog review (search for Shutterfinger) of the 160 version & he was very impressed, particularly by the dynamic range.
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I've used quite a bit of the new Portras (160, 400 and 800) and like them all, but I'm especially fond of the new 160 which produces beautiful colours and is virtually grain free. I find the 400 and 800 a little muted in comparison (although a few tweaks at scanning stage sorts that out). The best feature (in my opinion) of the new Portras is that they are so much easier to scan than any other 120 films I've worked with - whatever Kodak have used in the film base (and I've read it's a development of their cinema technology) seems to stay rigid after development which in turn means it lays flat in the scanner; great for those of us without access to ANR glass.

Overall I'd give any of the new Portras an unreserved thumbs up*.

*Disclaimer: 120 only, I haven't shot any 35mm nor am I likely to in the foreseeable future.
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Thanks all for your observations.

BTW, Hefty1, how's your little MX going. It was due to your entertaining account of your adventures with your's that I also got one. (I had mine professionally CLA'd)

I'm still using mine regularly, and have just now finished off yet another roll of film.


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I still have my MX and it's still working fine, but I've not used it in a little while. To be honest, these days I tend to use either digital or 120 film - all my 35mm equipment falling into disuse somewhat. It's a shame in a way as the MX is still a lovely thing to hold and use.
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