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I hope that I'm putting this (Just Joined) in the right place? Hello from East Anglia. It is many years since I used a Pentax. In 1963 I bought the Asahi Pentax SV while I was stationed with the RAF in Singapore - after a couple of years I changed to Nikon and its been that way ever since. Now I have indulged myself with the Pentax 645D, so far I have to say I just love it and as I am thinking (in my advanced years) of sticking to landscape photography I might even say goodbye to my Nikon D700 and kit!
Is there a 645D area on this forum?


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Well your post sort of hovers between worlds, Just Joined, Digital SLR Cameras and medium format.....

Staying where we are for now, there's no designated place for 645D chat, but either Digital SLRs or Medium Format will do it.

If it were me, I might go for the latter becasue the lenses are compatible and that may make some crossover interest between the film and digital bodies.
Best regards, John
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