New 'KP' imminent?


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Usual photorumors fare...apparently there is a new DSLR the 'KP' which may be announced at a forthcoming Japanese trade show.


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every one,s gone nuts about it?
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I wondered who'd be the first to get that in!




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1stEverPentax wrote:
I wondered who'd be the first to get that in!



i thought it may have been someone called nobby


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KP is too close to K-POP and would look very dull by comparison

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Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff



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Oh , the excitement!!!!


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I would hope Ricoh aren't that daft to call it that for its European release. Just imagine the teasing from Canikon users. Does it come with Vic's Crackers?
John K
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What do Pentaxians , think about the K3ii , being discontinued(rumour).
If true , may mean the KP is a replacement .
Rather than a supersonic machine.



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Well there couldn't be a K-3III (K three-three!) that would be daft. If you think about the obscure naming, bodies with numbers are conventional models whereas bodies like the KS1 & KS2 are a bit more experimental. KP - maybe P stands for phone? Kodak have just brought out a camera-phone after all.


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Holes in the Pentax line up:
Kr replacement
Ks-2 replacement (expects ff).


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Rumours are its lens will have a new crunchy coating in three flavours with camera body colours to match.
John K
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It does seem out of kilter with current nomenclature...maybe a new line...APS-C Mirrorless?


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Would be better if rumours suggested improved video specs over the 2012 offering they're basically still peddling out today...

Waiting to see if the sensor stabilisation and focus peaking work during video recording?!
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The KP is actually a video endoscope using proven technology for routine examinations with uncompromised PENTAX Medical endoscopic quality and reliability. Really, not a rumour!
John K


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So THAT's where the monkey puts them !!
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