Need some tips on shooting people.


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Sometimes candid shots work well, even though people know you are there. In a gathering, watching and capturing people listening and reacting to others talking gives natural, relaxed feel.
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I shoot these kind of shots at work all the time, we have a photo and usage policy at work that everyone has signed up to, its part of their contract of employment. If for some reason someone doesn't want their photo taken then it has to be a good reason.

My major tip I would give is to give people 24 hours notice, most women will not thank you for turning up unannounced to take their photo on a day they have done nothing with their hair. Try and also make it a group thing, the more people involved the more likely people will get on board.

You will come across people who just don't want to do it, I always explain you are a face of the organisation and we need your happy face on the website, if they won't co operate get a higher person to talk to them and explain they will have their photo taken. The more fun you can make it and relaxing the better the results
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