Budget Printer for home?


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I'd like to buy a printer for home printing. It'd be mainly for family snaps to put on the walls at home, nice to be able to snap the kids and have a photo on the wall quickly. It'd be mainly 5" by 7" and some 8" by 12". I'd print off some non-family photos too.
Can anyone recommend some printers, Wi-Fi would be nice & ideally sub 200, even cheaper if you can get a decent one. I've done a little bit of research and people said avoid dye ink. I know the cheaper you go, the worse the tend to be for ink usage

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No brand recommendation from me, but before you buy find out what a replacement set of inks costs - they can cost more than a new printer! Also check whether they allow third party inks or are chip locked to the brand inks.



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I know its not the best printer out there....far from it, but i bought an hp envy 5530 and subscribed to their "instant ink". I paid 49.99 for the printer, though i think there is a better one which is compatible with instant ink, costs about 100.
I pay 3.49 per month, and for that i can print 100 pages per month. If i print a document with 2 words on it...that counts as a page, BUT, an A4 full colour print still only counts as one page.
Its more than adequete for my needs, and my daughter also uses it for her homework. Any pages not used can be carried over to the following month, and my ink just turns up in the post, just before im about to run out!!


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My old six ink Canon MG6250 scanner printer cost about 100 new and I pay 1 a cartridge off the likes of More inks on Amazon Marketplace. The trick is to find a model behind current and check if it is covered by pattern chipped cartridge makers. New ones don't tend to be. I have framed prints all around the house from it, excellent quality if you use good paper. Stories of printers clogging up tend to be from users who don't run them regularly. canon recommend at least once a month. Using a general purpose printer scanner means its more often in use for other stuff.


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When I started photography as my retirement pastime four years ago, I bought a 100 HP A3 Officejet printer and it has performed faultlessly. Out of curiosity, I have just printed the status report, which shows it has done 1900 pages, most of those being A4 photo prints and a few on A3. (I have another cheap HP duplex A4 inkjet printer that I use for documents.)

The A3 model uses only four cartridges (CMYK), yet the range of colours and the details on photo paper usually impress viewers and sometimes even independent judges - several prints have gained top places in club competitions, so they stand up well against those made by other printers.

It takes high capacity cartridges, each colour about 8 from the Web, and it usually does about 70 A4 photos from each cartridge set. For mono prints without tone or colour pop, it can be set to use the black cartridge only, and again the detail and range of tones from black to white is impressive.

This current model is probably similar: HP Officejet.

If I needed another printer, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another HP, but it probably won't be necessary (at least for as long as the Windows driver software works) - my other HP printer has been used to print documents (often double-sided pages) faultlessly for over 10 years.

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