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These start with last winter and (sort of) progress through the year, finishing with this autumn past

1. These frost crystals have to be snapped quickly before the sun gets to them

2. Bright orange made a welcome contrast to the grey outside

3. A rare event - I got up early -- and caught this pheasant making his way back to the nearby woods

4. Glasgow is a fascinating city. This is a modern addition -- a footbridge to the Conference Centre

5. Not far from Glasgow are 'the Kelpies'. This is a reflection on the nearby canal surface

6. This one almost looks made up but it's a real scene from one of my many plant pots

7. Summer, and some buttercups

8. And summer holiday in Mallorca

9. The National Trust can be guaranteed to produce good photographic material

10. And with autumn you get windfalls (quite a lot in this case)

11. and pumpkins

12. And now that it's cold, here's a reminder of summer

The highlight of my year was acquiring a K3ii and the low point, the lack of time and opportunity to use it.
Have a wonderful 2017 !
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Another brilliant set, full of variety!

Have to say the Glasgow footbridge shot is particulalry stunning, and the Kelpies reflection such a unique take on a hugely photographed location. But really enjoyed seeing them all

Some of my vaguely better stuff


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In love.....They are brilliant David. No 6 being my favourite 😊
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Super shots, a lovely selection. My faves are the footbridge at the Armadillo (I've ben there done that) and the Kelpie,(Must get round to visiting here). Thanks for showing these.


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Lovely set - I like your dominant colour shots in particular (Buttercups and Satsumas), they are simple yet effective


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Thanks for sharing David - a very nice set of images; all good in different ways, If I had to choose it would be the kelpies reflection (5) and no 6


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Great variety in your set - i really like 4,6, & 7 but all are really nice captures.


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Lovely set, very varied, you also had a productive year! The K3ii is an awesome piece of kit!

6 & 7 for me although I'm also partial to the pumpkins also!
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Great variety. Wonderful set.


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Really interesting set... you have a real eye for form and shape... four and five for me... and the composition of 12 is super...




Link Posted 15/01/2017 - 21:20
Great captures and wonderful vivid shots! Love them
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