MX Focus Screens

Kim C

Link Posted 15/04/2005 - 19:47
As a result of trying to help Lee out on his MX problem, I tried a few experiments. The LX screens do fit the MX and they are brighter. Using the SC21 (standard LX screen) results in a much brighter finder with crisper microprisms but you need to compensate by 2/3 to 1 stop on the metering. The good news is that if anyone wants an even brighter still MX finder the 2000 LX screens will fit. I suspect they will need about 2 stops compensation but the cost would only be about a 1/3 of that of a Beattie screen.



Link Posted 15/04/2005 - 20:04
Hi Kim

It may be that not all the screens will fit - I think I have the info somewhere, I'll check.
Best regards, John

Kim C

Link Posted 15/04/2005 - 20:16
Hi John,
They all appear to be the same size physically and Pentax say that all the MX screens fit the LX. I tried the standard SC21, the all matt SE20 and SE25 and a couple of SA series in the MX. I would have tried the SC69 bright screen but I didn't want to take the LX apart as well. If anyone is desperate for the info I will try it but it's a devil to get the screens back in without trapping any dust. I know it doesn't affect the photo but I find it distracting.

As a matter of interest, the AF screens also appear to be the same size and interchangeable. I far as I can tell the only difference between the various series is the markings for the AF zones. The SF ones fit the Z1P and vice versa but I haven't tried with the MZ-S. This could be useful if someone wants a manual focus aid in an AF camera.

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